Mace wielding npcs have to many combo hits and abuse it like crazy

Am i the Only one who feels like mace wielding npcs are in a league of their own with their stupid as hell 5 hit combo the can spin around with then fully start all over again before you recover?

I’m noticing every update some npcs are getting more and more and more unfair advantages, i just noticed as well that no matter where or how you roll dodge they can now rotate and begin another combo or attack negating your dodge before it even begins…….I’m old I’m tired and I’m getting seriously fed up with enemy’s having these dumb advantages in combat when us players have to follow certain rediculous RULES like not being allowed to perch on a rock with a bow kinda thing………to thin out 15 npcs when your solo……which in my eyes is totally fair to do!

I may be just angry but this game seems to get more unfair and tedious every update and I’m not gonna lie, each update this game gets to be a little more to much for me, I’m waiting for the update that finally breaks my back and makes me quite again……just waiting ffs

I also notice that if you are doing a combo to a mob it prevents them from attacking you. BUT not if they have a mace. They just ignore anything you do what so ever and start their combos regardless of what you are doing.

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Yea they get some pretty insane iframes, anything i see with a mace is just poke and roll for me now to avoid the annoying stun locking and inability to stun them back.

Then there’s the grey ones with maces that can almost one combo anyone to death no matter the gear or level, those guys anger me beyond belief, i mean the mace already shield breaks, has more combos then other weapons, does massive armour pen, and has full iframes thru most of its moves……they are never fun to fight and i liturally refuse to even engage the greyone version myself anymore, if i can cheese them i do since they feel like cheese themselves lol

They really need to

Maces have hyperarmor, which is why you can’t stop them. I just sidestep them and watch them attack away at air, then smack them down. You could also just use a mace too and go toe to toe, a PC should be able to out damage just about any NPC that way.

Just not the Arena Champion. Don’t do that with her.


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