Voidforge Warhammer shield breaking doesn't seem to be working

Possible bug! I had made a Void forge Warhammer with the intent to break some NPC’s shields with it since it said that it can break shield. So, I had tested it out on some bone and wooden shields to see it can break shields. All the hammer did was bounce off of those type of shields even with a heavy attack blow. Conan Exiles and Siptah bought on Steam. Sole player game. Sole player server. US region. No mods installed.
To reproduce: Learn the void forge warhammer recipe.
Step two: craft warhammer.
Step three: preform heavy attack with weapon on an NPC character while they are holding up either their bone or wooden shield.
Then the hammer should just bounce off of the shield.
Expectation: breaking an enemy’s bone or wooden shield with the hammer

Shieldbreak is an effect, it doesn’t literally break the shield into two pieces. Normally when a player or NPC gets into a blocking stance with their shield, all attacks bounce off of them without inflicting any damage. However, if you hit them with a shieldbreak attack, it will break their stance and make them vulnerable to attacks again. Hope this helps clear things up. Happy hunting. :sunglasses:

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And to add to this, it’s usually after the combo that the effect hits your opponent…at least with the axe.

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I know that it literally doesn’t break the shields into pieces. It’s more like what the great axes do to them. The great axes make the shields disappear when you hit them with a heavy attack. This hammer and others like it don’t even do that. They just bounce off of the shields. Now I know something of melee combat. In fact, I have a few melee weapons like swords and the such in RL. If I were to swing and hit a shield hard like that with a weapon like that. I will break that shield. Some of the melee attacks that they have set up in this game does not make any sense and needs to be adjusted to be more realistic. Now I know that this just a game and is fantasy. But there is such a thing as going to far and they did with some the combat moves. Now I know that you can have the river flow up hill in fantasy. But it doesn’t mean that you should.

Sounds more like a suggestion then a “bug.”

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I do not know if it’s a bug or it was intentional on Funcom’s part. But what I do know is that that needs to be changed to be more realistic. The metal shields are fine, the best that a weapon of that kind can to do a metal shield is put dents in it. But a hammer of that size will break shields that are made out of bone or wood.

It’s intentional. Shieldbreak has always been what it is, even before great axes were added.

I just know that it’s not very realistic. Those hammers in the game are not much more different than a 12-pound sledgehammer. And I use one of those to break-up large chunks of solid concrete. So you can imagine what one of those will do to a bone or a wooden shield if it can break-up concrete.

Yeah, I think I’m okay with a certain lack of realism in a game that has undead dragons, giant talking ghosts, and serpent people. Or, for that matter, in a game where you can fall off a cliff, get an arrow through your knee, and then munch on insects until you’re healthy as a horse. A horse that was just a foal when you put it in a stable less than 48 hours ago and gave it exactly one leaf to munch on, but now it’s completely grown.

Realism in video games always needs to be in service of fun. If the choice is between realism and balanced PVP combat, I don’t have to guess how players would vote.

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I’m ok with most of the lack of realism in the game because it is fantasy after all. But when I see a large sledgehammer like weapon bouncing off of shields that are not all that strong. That’s pushing just things a little too far out. Like I had in a previous post on here. You can have the water flow up hill in fable story of in this case a game. But it doesn’t mean that you should. Meaning: Use common sense when thinking of stuff like that.

That’s what I’m talking about: you can add more realistic game mechanics, but it doesn’t mean you should. You need to think about game balance, among other things.

Im sure people would love to have their shields instant break when facing any enemy with a hammer. That will go over great.


I am thinking about game balance! That’s what this is about. Right now, that part of the game is out of balance. And what I mean by this that the great axes can break an emeny’s shield but the war hammers can not. That to me is being a little one sided rather than equaly balanced

That’s not what game balance means. The full explanation of the term and its meaning is beyond the scope of a forum like this, but I would recommend starting with the Wikipedia entry.

There are also several excellent books on game design that cover the topic. My personal favorite is “Game Architecture and Design” by Andrew Rollings and Dave Morris.

If you don’t want to spend any time learning about that stuff, then I recommend reading what @Multigun wrote above. It’s a succinct summary of why your idea is far from balanced.

Have you read what Wiki’s entry is about game balance? What Wiki had said about game balance what in question here. Those heavy war hammer not being able to break not so durable shields when great axes can is not keeping up with player perception and expirience. Now I don’t know how you can consider that being balance. And I’m not trying to change other players opinions on this. But in my opinion that’s not balanced because my perception and expirience of war hammers breaking an enemy’s shield is not there

Yes, I have. I also read the book I recommended to you, and several others on the topic. And I’ve also worked with a couple of game designers while I was in the industry. :slight_smile:

Try to consider all the factors, such as the animations, the i-frames, the stamina consumption, etc.

Again, that’s not what “balanced” means in game design terms. I’m going to stop trying to explain this to you now, because it’s evident that you have no interest in considering anything except your own claims and you’ll just repeat the same over and over again.

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