So what exactly is the point of the Voidforge Warhammer?

Right, so I’ve done the testing and I cannot for the life of me deign what the design philosophy behind this weapon is. While I have problems with some of the voidforge weapons’ benefits being needlessly cryptic, this one seems to do absolutely nothing at all on top of that.

Here we have a warhammer with a “shield breaker” descriptor. You’d assume that means that this weapon doesn’t get staggered by hitting a shield or outright ignores it, which is niche but at least not as worthlessly niche as the katana. Except after testing it, this warhammer does not do that at all and is blocked by shields normally. Does it severely reduce shield durability on hit? I don’t know, because every fight will be over long before that were to happen anyways, so it might actually be worse than the katana.

Oh, and it weighs a whopping 50, literally ten times heavier than almost every other hammer in the game. The only thing it is breaking is my back.

What is the point of this warhammer? what am I missing here?


Same as the old Legendary hammer (I think) was called the Siege Hammer. Said it could damage building pieces. Awesome idea! It did 1 damage same as any other weapon.

Funcom has great ideas, but fails to implement them properly.


Another untested weapon that is bugged.

It actually did extra building damage back then when it was released.

But here comes the but:

People figured out, they do increased damage to buildings when igniting a bomb whilst holding the siege hammer in their hands.

So sloppy Funcom decided instead of fixing the bug, they simply removed the feature.


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