Need advice on stat builds

War paint lasts until you die.
I use it as an integral part of my build. It accounts for 3 of the +6 strength I mention in my first post.

Now that buffs are fixed again, I almost always have another +3 Vitality and Strength from alcohol, but I make sure I don’t rely on that for traits.

can anyone explain what specifically agility effects? will it let me dodge faster in heavy armor?

+2 armor per agility.
You can dodge faster in heavy armor only if you get the perk at 40 agility - Nimble Tumbler.

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I like to do a lot of crafting, so I have 37 points in encumberance (if you use support warpaint, silent legion boots, bearer pack and light armor pieces it will max it out. You can do less points if you also use rhino head soup/or the elixer, but i find those unreliable because the effect cancels if you take damage.) Then Ive got 10 to agility to be able to sprint longer, 20 to grit for the stamina regen. 30 to strength and 20 to vitality. Combat wise its somewhat reliable. I usually have a fighter or two following me around, plus healing supplies and dodging a lot to keep me alive.

Buffs no longer cancel upon taking damage. This was fixed within the last couple of days. On 5/15.

  • “Elixirs and some other buffs no longer get cancelled as if they were healing buffs”

But now dancer healing is canceled upon taking damage!

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I didn’t realize they fixed the elixirs. I will have to redo my stats again

I haven’t used elixirs specifically but the alcohol buffs are definitely working fine now!

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as far as i know only the thrid or fourth attack of a combo does these debuffs,
and since most stuff dies at that point i do not count it as a flat 25% buff for general running around.
obviously if you want to kill rhinos or go dungeons early the perk is more useful.

Depends on the weapon. All but the first heavy dagger attack causes bleed, for example.
Stuff only dies that fast if you’re fighting things that are too weak for your level and gear…
Even with the best weapons in the game and Brutal Strikes I still can’t always kill everything in a single combo. And bosses… If you’re taking down any boss that fast with any weapon, something is messed up. The trait makes a huge difference in how long it takes to kill bosses.

It depends on how you want to fight.

Sure you can pump the strength and wear heavy armor. Become a slow moving steroid.

You can push the agility and wear heavy but be very mobile with a full dodge. Wear tour opponents down while having a strong defense.

Run a balanced build and do whatever.

Go big grit and let people chase you off cliffs, sooner or later those walking steroid builds in heavy armor will miss a grab and take some damage in the fall. Turn around and light them up.

Chug a yellow lotus and try whatever build you feel like trying and judge how effective it is for your play style.

Warpaint lasts until you die? I didnt know that. I play on dedicated RP server and I died many times with my +3 strenght on, and it’s still active. Do you think it is the server setting or a bug?

Probably a bug, but I don’t know for certain.
As far as I know, war paint is supposed to wear off when you die.

Pump str in combination with hammer and light armor and you can kill eveyone, especially people in heavy armor. You don’t want agility with heavy armor because agility as a stat is worthless for heavy armor and medium roll is almost as bad as heavy dodge.

I never used a hammer or blunt weapon, I might want to give that a try.

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