Your Favorite Stat Builds

What’re your preferred builds? I play PVP, so I use the potions of bestial memory frequently to switch up based on what it is that I’ll be doing. Note that I don’t really use buffs unless I’m at war. I’m usually out farming for a while, and refreshing buffs while I’m out is annoying.

For farming, I use the Khitan heavy set for all pieces except the head (I don’t like helmets) and feet, which I replaced with Redeemed Silent Legion Boots for a total +9 encumbrance and a Hood of Asura for +3 Survival. I put 41 points into encumbrance and 27 into survival, splitting the rest between vitality and grit, with 10 points in agility for the increased sprint time. My equipment is only star metal right now, but I’m working on getting Black Blood/Obsidian tools ASAP. Weapons are usually the Venom-Infused Daggers and the Forgelight (Glowing 2-H Mace) to use as a torch when I’m climbing stuff.

For general combat, I grab a full set of Heavy Dragon armor except for the helmet and use a Pictish Warchief Helmet for a total of for a total of +5 Strength, +3 Grit, and +5 Vitality. I drop 35 points into strength, 35 into Vitality, 30 into encumbrance, 10 into agility, and the rest into grit. My preferred weapons are Yog’s Touch, Forgelight (It also hits like a truck in addition to being a torch that never goes out), and Venom-Infused Daggers. I’m starting to like the Katana too, so I’ve been playing around with it.

I want a good archer build, but haven’t been able to come up with one due to the Knock-Down perk sucking so bad by ruining any chance I have of landing a follow-up shot.

What do you guys like to do?

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Yeah I’ve tried a few times to build an archer too, but I can’t get the balance right. To be good enough at archery for it to be a primary weapon, my character feels too weak and slow in other areas. And unable to defend themselves properly if swarmed in PvE or closed on in PvP. I’ve had better success and more fun making STR and ACC roughly equal (20s or 30s) and playing a sort of skirmisher/scout build.

What I normally do though is make balanced builds, weighted towards melee. I use these for farming, exploring, raiding, thrall taking, etc. Exact numbers depend on current armour buffs, but basically Strength 35-40, Agility 20, Vitality 30-35, Grit 20, Encumbrance 20 and Survival 10. I know this is unorthodox for PvP but it works well for me as a solo in a variety of situations and often without good gear. I go for light armour that buffs Strength and Agility.

If I’m going out specifically to do a dungeon, or to wander around looking for PvP fights then I up the Strength and Vitality to 40s, lose the Survival and reduce Grit and Agility a little. I’d use a potion and warpaint to bring stats up to a perk if needed, or just eke out a bit more STR or VIT.

Weapons-wise I use what I can get, as you know in PvP gear comes and goes! I like 1H swords, short swords and axes. Two handed sword and katana are fun too. I try to carry a spear for use against players if I’m attacked unexpectedly.

Agree the glowing weapons are cool, my fav legedary is the axe Glimmermoon (which I just got in my current playthrough yesterday morning!)

Oh and I also have a predatory blade right now which I’m saving for use on players and bosses

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ACC affects your abilily to hit targets more oftent, while STR affects the damage you do when you hit.

Most people think when increasing ACC they automatically do a lot more damage. This is not the case. It just makes it easier to aim and hit an target especially while moving. But if you do not have high STR then you won´t, in most cases, do enough damage to effectively kill.

In my experience its best to use the standard pvp builds. Go melee in close fights, use your bow if your target tries to get away. Old players might still know this, that is how we fighted years ago. And if you wanna be a real … use explosives too. Expensive but highly effectiv in my opinion.

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ACC is only for ranged right? I tested it many times but after they removed crevice in the armour it doesn’t do more damage on melee attacks.

STR perk 2-3 and 4 do affect ranged attacks. 2 on leg shots, 3 on light shots and 4 on heavy shots.

A heavy or light shot on head with 50 in acc doesn’t stack the extra damage from STR. It does only add your ranged damage +50% (without the STR bonus, I repeat the 4th perk in STR doesn’t add to the 50% extra damage on headshot, not sure if intended or a bug… but it does with any other shot).

Because you need STR too as a archer you are pretty much forced to leave vitality lower than a melee player unless you can always hit the headshots (or while having too low grit/enc, compared to a melee player who doesn’t need a single point in accuracy).

Tested on patch 2.8 patch with Voidforge bow, Reach of the Red Mother and The Eye of the Khan (Voidforge bow tested with damage and penetration thrall, all bow had the master fitting)

I can’t perfectly explain this in English, sorry in advance

However my preference is for melee tons of health and strength, with a penetrating one handed axe. Usually I don’t even use the shield since the swinging gives me more sweeping attacks (I switch between spear depending on the encounter, keeping daggers on distance).

On my ranged, maxed accuracy and at least 30 points in strength with damage bonus thrall craft or the Reach of the Red Mother legendary. Most bows have less than 10% penetration, craft the bow with penetration thrall does less than crafted with damage thrall… (mind you, using the master fitting).

I always rock light or medium armour, since heavy armour recovery kind of bad.

In PvP the light attacks and cripple are more important with bow, prefer to add more points in vitality and grit (with buffs 40 in accuracy and at least 30 in strength), to spam dodge and cripple, I know its cheeky xD

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my farming build I always play with with boots of the serpent and bearers pack elixir of numbing and heavy khitan I get in the realm of 24 encumbrance so that stat I only have to get to 26 to max out, then obviously survival for the farm and probably mostly mix it out with high vitality and grit (thrall will do most of the combat swinging I just need to shield block).

However this isn’t always economical and you can just make cheap farm Armor if you are on high pop pvp server and im not above that, if you die while farming you die, if someones full combat odds arent going to be in your favor even in a perfect build

Combat on the other hand I forgo most meta’s and stick to what has worked for me, I tend to go super heavy armor, Lance, a good axe (lemurian is the standard) and shield< lots dont use the shield, it has saved me 1000 times.

Now my combat build is basically as much strength as I can muster this can get has high as 76 with some of my builds and equipment, 27 or so vitality so I can buff to 30, 7 agility also so I can buff to 10 and get the less stamina drain sprint, around 20 grit, this gives me about 4 dodge rolls till I fatigue (if I were wearing light it would only give me 1 extra) and then I want to have as little encumbrance as possible, enough to be in the 80% encumbered range with all my weapons and equipment, if I am looting it goes on the horse/thrall.

The whole strat around my build is high damage output to finish fights quickly often a single lance hit if I am on horseback, but an axe combo is also ideal large damage reduction via the heavy armor and ability to slow down the fight and tank with the shield when I have to, this has been crucial in working out and frustrating my opponents timing in the past, using dodge rolls more as a last resort.

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I play PVE-C. On PVP, base was leveled within a few days and decided that wasn’t for me.

My “standard” build I use is STR - 30, Agility - 20, Grit - 36, Encumbrance - 14 and the rest in whatever. I wear the Aspect of the Bat, Black Corsair Pauldron, Gloves of Jhil, Black Corsair Leggins and Boots of the Serpent. And I carry the Annoying Shard and Feroxic Daggers. I like this build because I love being able to get in, attack, apply stats effects and get the hell out fast. Plus I have a ton of stamina (which constantly replenishes with the gloves) and can run/climb practically forever. For battlin’, my thrall acts as a tank/attacker while I keep the statuses going.

For gathering up mats, I drink up the Bestial potion and put on the Asura set with the Witch Doctor Mask. Then I stat up to the 5th perk in Encumbrance, get the 3rd perk in Survival and pop the rest in Vitality incase a random creature attacks. I have my thrall with me, but they get dumb sometimes. With this, I can stay out gathering until I fill every inventory slot I have :slight_smile:


For those of you in larger clans, how do you plan team fights? Do you all go the same builds, or is there a mix?

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I wish that my other clan mate was on more often. I really want to transfer to Siptah and grab some of the really good items over there like the serpent boots without losing my progress in the exiled lands. Plus there’s some cool building pieces over there and the amazing Leg Hold trap

My only clan mate is my wife. She’s been playing for well over a year, maybe 2? I like Siptah because of the Maelstrom and the Edler Vaults. But I’m fairly new so I haven’t tried EL yet. She said we’re going eventually because it’s like night and day

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Do you play on console or PC? If you’re on console, my clan could use some Friendly folks in it (I’m on Xbox)

We’re on PC =(

Well darn. I was hoping lol

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Yeah, I’d love to have more clan mates. More efficient than the 2 of us trying to do everything. She did tell me once that they’re supposed to be working on cross platform so if that ever happens, maybe?


We would always have at least one horse and the rest on ground, more or less same fighter builds. Some ppl like 5 vit others like 5 str. Sometimes we would have a archer build but they usually get focused down pretty quick.

Cross platform would be very good for the console community. Unfortunately Sony is very stubborn


I like to use one of those planners for my builds .
fully custom planner with share feature


Dude… that’s awesome. Thanks for sharing!

My current typical build for D2D.
I use the following armor sets that are on me
Vagabond full set for exploring
Inn-keeper shirt +3E, Inn-keeper Pants +3E, Boots of Serpent +9E, SL light gauntlets +3E for farming.
Helms on me for variation. Mask of WD +10Sur. (Farming), Dragonscale helm (temp regulation), night sight mask (either Blindsight or stalker mask), Aspect of demon, (armor)

Gear would be Eldarium pickaxe, voidforged gladius, voidforged shield, StarMetal sickle, cleaver, and skinning knife. 10 health potions, water skin, food, Daggers of Outer Darkness, and Annoying Shard.

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For PVP I have 4 different rig combinations so kinda hard to share. In PVE it’s just one for me and nothing can kill me besides falling (or maybe The Judge if I’m not careful). So here’s the PVE rig:


It’s probably not the very best there is or anything but I think for PVE specializations and attempting the ultimate build isn’t needed. Everything dies under my sword and I can survive all - so that’s all I need.

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Did they fix that chest piece? Last I checked it gave you berserkers rage but only when you are out of Stam which made it useless. Personally 2 agility is nice to negate fall damage also I’m pretty sure you get plus 9 stat with serpent man gloves/boots with good armorer

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