Red Mother Bow is broken op on thralls


Red Mother Bow has much higher damage and pen than every other bow. If you put in on a T4 bearer, with quivering arrows, the bearer will do 250 damage per shot. This is almost a two shot on players with 4 perks in vitality, and probably is a 2 shot on players with 3.

I’m all for the bow being in the game, but don’t allow it to be used on thralls. The thralls will hit the majority of their shots because they have auto aim, so if somebody has a thrall with the bow in tow, you absolutely have to run away and will have to spam heal each time you get hit by the bow. And I’d rather have the bow be prohibited from use on thralls than being straight up nerfed, because PvEers would be upset and so would people who sometimes run archery builds in pvp. You can’t just kite and juke the bearers using red mother bow because they hit nearly every shot and have range. The only counter is to stun lock the thrall, but if they’re following a player, that’s a bit tough as you can imagine. At least when t4 fighters/bearers have a sword of crom and do half your health you can juke and avoid them. But there’s just no true counter to these bearers with red mother bows other than running and spamming heals while your health gets chunked every 1 or 2 seconds.

I’m normally not one to complain, but I think that this is a bit broken. If you’re a player using the bow and hit me, sure, you deserve to do a lot of damage to me. But thralls hardly ever miss even when you’re weaving and juking. There’s probably no easy fix that will make everybody happy, but PvP is rapidly approaching a “who brings more thralls with red mother bow?” meta just because of the addition of the bow to the game.

Shields can completely negate bows.
Thralls tend to focus on one target religiously.
If you have a friendly thrall with a red mother bow aswell, the fight becomes quite equalized.

Predator Blades with shields are amazing, because you can spam light attack while holding down CTRL with the shield. You swipe faster than a waraxe wielder can perform a shield break.

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But you don’t realize that shields are complete garbage in pvp. Having one out is asking to get wrecked. If you pull one out to negate the bow damage, then the player will just 2h warhammer you, or roll and kick with spear.

I can tell you without a doubt that in all my time pvping, I have never lost to someone using a shield in a 1v1. And even when I’m getting ganked they’re an annoyance at best.

Only use for shields is against npcs, some bosses, and running around naked in the cold with mistmourn.

And the point of my post was to state that if red mother bows aren’t removed from thralls or at least nerfed while being used by thrals, then the pvp meta WILL become bearers with red mother bows. If that’s the only counter, then it’s just going to be a question of who is better at dodging arrows. It’s incredibly hard to outplay these thralls in pvp, unlike fighters with crom sword. And let me tell you right now, the red mother bow bearer meta will not be fun at all.

Although, I did just think up another strategy that would counter this, but only in 1v1. And that’s by bringing a fighter with sword of crom and aggroing him on the archer :disappointed_relieved:. Still won’t work in teamfights though.

Can’t wait for pvp to become a red mother bow bearer dodging tournament tbh

I’m not trying to say what you are saying isn’t correct. But i’m confused as to how anything in the game could do this much damage on a thrall. Do thralls act as if they have 100 in all stats or something? Wiki lists the explanation of weapon damage as “Damage is the amount of health damage inflicted on a naked character (no armor), without skill point, and with a 100% damage modifier.” Of course I can see this being modified by a player with alot of points in Accuracy. And I do know that higher level thralls from higher level areas do more melee damage by default, so I can see this translating to more ranged damage also perhaps. But I am seeing 30 damage for the bow, and 40 damage for the arrows, and unless the way Funcom has determined base damage for a weapon has changed, this is still the amount of damage on an unarmored humanoid or monster, and I would think from logical association also damage to a player with no armor.

Again i’m not trying to dispute your comment. I’m just trying to understand how we’re getting from 70 damage a shot, or 76 damage I guess if your putting the damage mod on the bow, to 250.

as said shield protect you, and red mother is a very rare weapons so it’s normal for a very rare weapons to have good attributes. problem in not the weapon, problem is the bearer stronger than a fighter and archer.


Thralls do wayyyy more damage than players. This was tested in a video on youtube (can’t remember the name or person), which also found that bearers do more damage than archers with a bow.

The weapon itself isn’t the problem, and neither are the thralls themselves. It’s the combination of the weapon and the thralls.
(Yes though, it’s kinda dumb tbh that bearers do more damage than the archers and fighters)

And I already told you guys why shields don’t counter this in pvp lol. Shields are not the answer

Ok, yes I do remember seeing some discussion about named bearers being even better than named archers with bows. But I dident realize it was THIS huge…my god…guess I better start hunting for named bearers for base defense… LOL

It’s really dumb lolll, but they’re also much harder to find. Even so, they’re meant to carry, not kill. So some changes are needed I believe

It’s all that carrying, it has given them arm and shoulder muscles of steel!


Til I can play with a shield and predatory blade

sigh another thread nerf this weapon cos thralls are op using it. can we remove thralls on pvp servers already?

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Pahahahaha. If you just stand there trying to block 20 archers in an enemy base with your shield in the hope your thrall kills 1 eventually in the next hour…

Wtf is this raid then, lol. Meanwhile the enemy clan will just backstab you and GG.

Go back to PvE.

Well that’s the only thing that limits exploit users on servers that in China reach. The is a counter to Bow Thralls spam actually, blunted arrows. It somewhat successful you knock thrall with arrows, then kill it with melee. This is still a slog fest, but due to High ping Chinaman tends to instantly die.

And I don’t know if its true, but some one mentioned that t4 bearer Thralls have limited combat AI, and they lose to Cimmerian Berserk in PvP environment. They are less aggressive and so on. I’m not sure tho.

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1st. That’s called attrition warfare.
2nd. I’m already PvE, genius. I’m just walking into PvP territory cuz PvP keeps walking in to PvE territory with calls for nerfs, but at least Chump had the decency and courtesy to notice that a bow nerf will affect PvE players too, so thanks for that @Chump , I tip my hat to you.

I think player armor needs to have extra thrall damage mitigation built into it.


If you have a dozen of clan mates it can actually work.

You can also use the environment. Arrows do not go through rocks, trees or palisades, so outmaneuvre the bowman.

Thralls tend to hit target with first shot consistently. If 2 or 3 hitting you at the same time you are dead dead.

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You then counter that by scooting behind a tree, with a shield up.
But you’ll find a counter to that counter. It’s a game of chess where the game already starts unfair.

As a new player you are so screwed.

It’s not fun to lose, so I get why PvP players want everything nerfed.

Try seeing it from a PvPers poitn of view though… Red Mother Bows and Crom Blades. That’s all the meta ever revolves around now and it’s hard work farming for those weapons, especially with the unnamed city being a free-for-all territory. Whowever has the respawn timers owns the UC for that session, until someone kills ya with your bag full of loot.

It’s a nightmare. How are new players suppose to even compete with people who can one-shot them via thrall?

These weapons are just a symptom of a deep underlying problem. Our desire to exact power over others in ways that entertains our base instincts. We pay good money for this right of suspension of human decency.

If you want a sandbox to be fair, you must first re-invent the universe. Until then, play PvE and enjoy the fruits of decency. If you think that is too boring, then perhaps a few more months in an unfair sandbox will nurture the pre-requisites to enjoying decency.

One might argue that PvP needs to be fair. But does it? You signed a contract with nature when you suspended your decency. Survival of the fittest. This includes taking things up the sphincter that you dislike, reallllly good.

I find it amusing that people forgot the whole advertisement of Conan Exiles was “Survive in a harsh world.” Build. Survive. Dominate.

If your will to weather this meta is weaker than other people’s will to weather this meta, what are you still doing there?

PvP players have a superiority complex over PvE players it seems, and yet when a meta doesn’t go their way, it’s straight to the forums.


I think problem is that PvP meta evolved to far away from PvE and Single player experience. Stuff that seems like just your regular meta in PvP may look like borderline cheating for a new player. I’ve seen so many claims that some one cheating, and every time it’s coz ether exploit or border line exploit abuse.

Thrall bow spam is not that strong, it mostly a defensive thing. Gods are disabled right now, and ppl are still able to raid bases with bow thralls in every corner.