Cannot defeat Red mother

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[Describe the bug here]
Red mother smashes my thrall into the ground. Not completly ofc, his head sticks out.
When Red mother is at approx 75%-85% health, she runs back to her spawnpoint and heals up to 100% in 3 seconds.

  1. Kill the three minor dragons at the spawning pools.
  2. Go to a safe area which does not have corruption.
  3. Shoot an arrow to get Red Mothers attention and to make your thrall attack her.
  4. Shoot some arrows now and then, to see how the fight and your thrall is doing.
  5. Get close, dodge, roll and hit her a few times, while your thrall fights her.
  6. Stay allive
  7. Watch Red mother flee back to her corrupted area when at 75% health. And heal up in 3 seconds.
  8. Change the settings on your thrall.
  9. Repeat for 6 hours
  10. Enter God mode and kill her
  11. make a post on forums

Sounds a lot like this. No chance to Kill an NPc or Animal with Bow

They made it so you can’t cheese enemies anymore. Regarding point 2.

Guess you need to fight inside corruption.

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Corruption heals her immediately. No chance to kill her confirmed. Didn’t use bows to cheese her, used sword to kite her out, and outside the corruption-zone she didn’t heal. Same issue as DuckOfDeath.

Insta-healing corruption? I hope it’s not intended because this is pretty… rough.

they ignore that bow’s dmg is lower than melee weapon, so player who chose ranged weapon will need more time to take down a hostile.
they also ignore that ranged weapon need more materials (make arrows with proper dmg) to have a proper dmg.
They just think melee fight is cool, is “immersive”, so they decide to destroy the whole ranged fighting style.

A new mechanic to bring a more exciting fighting experience, to not let player cheese enemies?
I would say it is just a easy way to force you ignore the truth that they just cannot fix the pathfinding problem.

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