Red Mother (Patch Question)

Anyone know if they fixed Red Mother in this big patch coming out?

Im so tired of fighting this boss only for it to glitch into the ground and then no one can fight it again until server reset.


This happens to me exclusively if I try to bring her up the stairs to avoid the corruption area. I’ve never had her sink if you fight her on that large flat area. I know they said that she should no longer push your thrall into the ground, let’s hope they fixed her vanishing as well :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

When I fight her on the flat surface in the corrupted area she knocks my thrall into the ground. I fight her on the stairs she teleports into the ground. I try and kite her out in the desert area she runs back home. Cant win with this boss.

Not pushing the thrall underground is a start I guess.

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Where the Red Mother stomps the Thrall into the ground? If so, and if you are referring to the 2.3 parity patch, then no.

The 2.4 Testlive patch has it listed as fixed though in it’s patch notes.

Edit: I must be very tired, I totally misread your opening question and follow ups. I’ll leave my original answer there for clarification sakes.

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