Need advice on attributes

I loved both Fallout 3 and 4.

Thanks everyone for answering! My play style is pretty much wandering around and exploring stuff. I wish I had a better answer.

10 Strength
10 Agility
30 Vitality
0 Accuracy
10 Grit
41 Encumberance
20 Survival

Full hyperborean + Brutal Helmet for 20 pointsin STR. I let thrall do the damage. I just pull with arrow and then shield up.

I am very builder-heavy.

I use 2 builds. 1 for adventure and 1 for mining/building

S 31 + weather appropriate flawless strength armor. Note the heat resist is all heavy except Dafari and cold resist all medium.
A 0
V 30
A 0
G 30
E 23
S 0
I end up with 3 spare points which I usually put in agility.

For mining.
S 12
A 0
V 30
A 0
G 20
E 38 + climate resistant encumberance armor + bearer pack.
S 20.

Best advice with attributes is find what suits you. What might work with one person may not work with the style of play you want. Go just to the west of the den and learn the reset pots from him. Keep reseting your attributes till you find what you want to play with and change what you need when it dosnt work and you hit a wall

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