Agility, Why though?

Agility the perk that is amazing for giant brutes in heavy armor.

So, Agility perks are cool and love the double jump, but i have a problem. Mostly with when i run a thief character and wear the Zamorian Armor, it gives agility, but most of the perks in the progression of agility does not help Light armor what so ever, as iti s the lowest armor grade. Mostly talking about the Nimble Tumbler but removing jumping stamina costs is cool but if your a thief character wearing light armor. again, it doesn’t help much because light armor has a less significant stamina drain when rolling or jumping. What i am saying is make it so Agility is more applicable to Light armor users and more usable with the items that promote agility, instead of perks that people who wear heavy armor should get, to lessen stamina drain.

While on the subject, Agility, it could be and should be so much more effective. Like it increases armor values? yet all the perks do nothing but improve mobility, so why don’t you instead or also have Agility affect Move Speed, Climb Speed, Larger effect on stamina drain, Swing speed, recovery speed.

Also when you are swimming it drains stamina, why? When it runs out nothing happens. You go the same speed and continue swimming.


I think this happens so you cannot attack immediately after hitting land, so it a negative for you and a positive for one that made you swim to their location. The whole upper hand/ uphill situation. The good thing it the stamina replenishing faster than if lost it all on land.

Well, climbing and stamina is gone makes you fall down.
So swimming and stamina is gone should make you drown.

You cannot hit other players without any stamina, so someone who freshly jumped into water will be able to harm you, but you cannot defend yourself.

But overall…
I guess they thought it would be cool for very agile toons to move better in heavy armor than other people who didnt highly invest into agility. But I agree on light armor users being on the looser side there - even more because agility itself grants armor, so the stat itself is way more effective for light users than for heavy ones. So I do agree on that special perk needing a second effect for light armor.

Id like to see agility perks unlock a few new attack animations ontop of what they already do, sprinting light or L2, maybe a leap attack that syncs with double jump and backflip.
Also accuracy should get switch between 3rd and 1st person and a mix of increase lock on range, damage and flight speed.

I think one quick slash from sprinting would be enough. Maybe all damage suffered while sprinting should heavily cripple one?

I spent zero in agilty as I don’t wear heavy armor.

I like to be able to roll out of tight situations in combat so for me heavy is useless.

In line with your light/med armor boost idea, how about a perk that give damage avoidance for light, increased movement for heavy and a combination for medium.

As it is, the game seems to point everyone to wear heavy armor or die.

Yes, agility and accuracy need a buff with something to shake up heavy str vit meta.