Player stats reworked

The player stats points might as well be flies in a spider web. The stats points investment is awful. Give me a reason to put points into a stat. Also give me more stat points. 10 per level total 600 max. No one becomes a God. And people aren’t forced to be enslaved by a build.

Stats reworked:

Strength: +2% melee damage per point.

Accurate: +2% range damage per point.

Agility: +5 armor per point.

Vitality: +20 health per point.

Grit: +20 stamina per point.

Encumbrance: +15 encumbrance per point.

Survival: Don’t have data on it,because the numbers doesn’t show up onplayer stats.

What we have now:

Strength: +1% melee damage per point.

Accurate: +1% range damage per point.

Agility: +2 armor per point.

Vitality: +8 health per point.

Grit: +3 stamina per point.

Encumbrance: +7 encumbrance per point.

Survival: Data not shown in player stats.


Honestly, if we’re talking about reworking how stats work, I’d prefer to see Agi give more armor for light armored people than medium, and more for medium than heavy rather than just having it give more armor overall. The “balance” there is that a lightly armored high Agi person could get that armor w/o encumbrance, but they’d be sinking their attribute points into getting the armor and as a result will have less Str, Vit, etc. As long as the main thing Agi gives is armor, it’s the only stat that it’s easy to completely ignore and make up for with gear. No other stat’s bonus is given as freely by any sort of gear as Agility’s is.

That is why I’m asking for more stat points. Level 1-60 10 stats points per level. I seek to improve the stats for players.

I proposed similar changes in another post going on:

"I always felt like strength and accuracy should both contribute to damage.

Strength +2% melee / +1% ranged damage
Accuracy +1% melee / +2% ranged damage

Stats passively affect (increases every 5/10 lvls up to max @ 50)

Stength should increase attack speed (10% @ lvl 50)

Agility should increase roll speed in addition to bonus armor (10% @ lvl 50)

Vitality should increase passive regeneration and buff to 16 hp per point (5hp / 5 sec @ 50)

Accuracy should increase armor penetration (10% @ lvl 50)

Grit should increase stamina regeneration rate and buff up gains to 7 per point (10% @ lvl 50)

Encumbrance (just buff up to 14 per point then add up to 10% @ lvl 50)

Survival should give resistance and damage reduction (10% @ lvl 50)

If the stats had these types of bonuses then we could rework perks.

Bloodmad berserker can buff damage when you have a debuff. Maybe a 5% per debuff max 50%.

Fierce vitality can allow you to continue healing when you take a hit (maybe reduce healing duration instead by 1 sec per hit instead of cancelling the healing)

Artful dodger can also increase dodge distances

Iron hard muscles can reduce combat damage by 10%

Bronzed physique can reduce all damage by 10%"

Percentages are more important than the flat number increases that we get now from most perks.

I also believe that strength and accuracy currently add 2% to the damage rates, but I could be wrong.

It seems like a lot of us are on the same page for these things.


I’d like something like this too.Accuracy seems wasted on anything melee.

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Actually agility is a skill I wouldn’t change much at all. It already give 4 armor per point and gradually increases dodge speed. At 10 points you get a bonus 40 armor which is more than most epic flawless light armor pieces except for the chest. Armor also suffers from diminishing returns so the stat really buffs up lightly equipped characters armor while it doesn’t really help to protect heavily armored players because they already have so much armor. Agility is available on many armor pieces as well, presumably to imply better range of motion than normal for that type of armor so its easy to build in.

I’m hesitant to go too crazy with sweeping changes because this really affects PVP if players have 300% more health and only do 20% more damage. I like the more brutal feel so even my suggestion of double vitality health bonus may be too much. This is more geared PVE, having enough health to take some hits.

I can certainly get behind having more stat points to assign. The trick is to balance out point costs to encourage more diverse character builds. I wouldn’t want to facilitate every character having max strength, vitality and accuracy.

I feel these suggestions like Bryans and mine being modest would keep the game still in line with what we have now but make PVP more interesting and PVE less of a thrall babysitting simulator.


@The_Hundeprest I like my idea. Reason for balance. Your ideas are great. My ideas are great for PVP,PVE and offline single player mode.

Thanks, I know we are looking at the same goal here. I do like the idea you have about more stat points. I want the player to not feel so wimpy.

You’re welcome. My idea for stats points rework adds to the player not being so weak.

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People are failing to see how all player builds are weak.

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The stats are weak and players are too afraid to speak about the weak stats.

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It’s balanced in a way that is almost exclusively geared toward PVP. It seems like the goal was being able to quickly kill other players like a souls-borne game except we don’t have that type of healing, magic or depth of combat.

Players would be stronger if geared toward PVE. I would certainly like to see more damage capabilities, higher health and stamina, and functional perks.

The game needs a rework. Its been out for 2 years and had consistent nerfs to anything that seems too strong for PVP. Best thing they could to is 2.0 it and rebuild how all of this is set up.

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Players stats need a rework funcom. I don’t want the thralls getting nerf.

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I want 10 stat points at each level up. And players get 10 at lv 1. To max out all stats you need 1925 stat points. To max 1 stat it takes 275 points. 2 stats could be max out with my idea, but you have 50 points only left. My idea of increase stat points max total doesn’t break the game. In fact it encourage new builds. I see my increase stat points as a shorten lthe level gap by a little.

Picture A tank build with 50 health and +30 to accurately or strength. Or maybe an elven ranger build. Swords and bows. I see new builds.

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I think maybe just another 10 or 15 levels added to PVP might spice things up.


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