Stat change idea

Curious what everyone else think of these ideas

Move bonus armor from agility to survival
increase damage over time with points invested in agility (or possible % damage based on damage dealt?)
increase roll speed and recovery with agility

Let me know what you think about these ideas

Edit: these ideas come from a PvE perspective btw

I’d prefer useful features to be spread out over fewer attributes. Right now, I put nothing into Survival. I really don’t want to have a need for using it. So “no” to armor moving to Survival.

Yes to more damage + roll speed + roll recovery on agility. The damage doesn’t matter too much to me there, but anything to get our roll speeds and recoveries back up closer to the old days is a great thing. For now though, there are some neat mods to bring back the original rolls and I’m probably going to run them this weekend.

But isn’t this a problem in game design? Having “dump stats” you can completely ignore. Why does a stat exist if you don’t need it, or at least have no incentive to ever put points into it?

In a game where you can’t max all stats, you should have to make compromises. If you want to max certain stats (say, Strength and Vitality), you’d have to miss out on something useful, or everyone would just max Strength and Vitality. The point of character building is having multiple viable choices - and currently, Survival is a very niche stat for harvesting builds (and even that role was nerfed).

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You’re right. The core survival mechanics would need a facelift in order to encourage investing into the Survival stat - and the benefits granted by the stat would also need to be reconsidered to be enticing enough, because they need to compete with combat stats.

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