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RN attributes are confusing, I normally always go strength, Vitality, encumberance and ignore the other 4 I’d like to live obviously, but I want to use a bow, sword, carry stuff etc etc so what should I initially go for? apart from perks is levelling some attributes even worth it?

The attribute system RN is confusing although I hear it will be better in 3.0 but for now, what should I really go for?

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Grit gives you stamina, super important. The least 2 perks, 3 is way better.
Agility gives you swiftness and protection on the first 2 perks, at least 2 perks on agility, if pvp try a bit more, for pve at least the first.
Strength maximum 4, the fifth just for pvp,
Survival at least one perk, especially on poisoning it is damn useful.
Encumbrance the rest…
4 strength
2 agility
3 vitality
3 grit
2(+) encumbrance
1 survival
To achieve these perks you need to use buffs too and armor pieces provide the max on stats.
On Siptah there are armor pieces that will help you have more on stats without even buffs, yet on exile lands be the fighter, carry a horse for the important loot and a fighter or a named bearer, yet if you want fast fights, a fighter thrall is better.

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I general do PvE

so what does agility do exactly? how does it give you swiftness & protection? also isn’t 40 strength a bit much for PvE?

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Agility helps you dodge quicker, and gives a small armor bonus.

Strength is absolutely always necessary in high amounts, unless you’re the type to hide and let a thrall do all the work

Agility first perk is reducing the stamina cost when running.
The second perk reduce the falling damage, trust me this perk saved my a… A lot of times.
Your reaction on fight, say you finished the combo, you have a small stop before starting combo again, Agility reduces this, you can start new combo faster.
Strength is all you need exile and skills on your weapon. All the enemies will sed blood in front of you and you’ll walk victorious in the whole God d@mn map.
YOU are the hero of your own story, not the bearer of a thrall.
Put 4 perks in strength, learn the lemurian axe, find the correct blacksmith, fix a tier 3 bench and watch the exile lands bleed on your passage. Arena champion is waiting for you, don’t go less against her :wink:

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last question, does points in agility/str etc are they visible to the gear you select or?

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It all depends on what you want to do. Different playstyle, different attributes.
The most important are Vitality, Strenght and Grit.
Vitality is obvious. I advise getting the 4th perk. Why? Because potions and food will heal you much more effectively.
Strenght is very important too as you want to hit as hard as possible, so at least get the 3rd perk.
Grit supports it, because without it you won’t be hitting for long. 3rd perk is mandatory.

Now, the other attributes.
Encumbrance. If you are always on the red, even yellow, you’ll suffer penalties on both the speed of your roll and stamina regen. So you can’t ignore it. The 2nd perk, beyond giving you some maneuver in terms of what you can carry, also diminishes effects like cripple. Being crippled makes you slow. When you need to get in or out of a fight, either to regen gritt, take a potion or to apply the first blows (one lousy archer can cripple you easily), you don’t want to stay crippled for long. So, that’s a big benefit that comes with the 2nd perk on Grit.
Agility. Unless you are planning to fall a lot, all you need is the 1st perk. That will pay off when you need to run, because it drains less stamine. Some pure fighter builds completely ignore agility on pve and go for the 3 main perks. I think you will benefit from the 1st perk, because there’s a lot of running during fights.
Survival. Ignore it. That is for specialized farming builds. You can manage temperature, poison, etc perfectly without sacrificing your fighting abilities.
Try a few builds on Single Player.
Start a game, make yourself admin, give yourself level 60 and try to see what suits you the best. You don’t even need potions to reset them in admin mode.

Now, one important factor: Armor. You need to adjust your build to your armor. What matters most is armor value and the number of points it gives you IN ATTRIBUTES YOU USE. What you want to combine is the highest armor value with the number of points it gives in attributes you use. Reset your attributes. Put armor on, make your build after.
There is combat gear that also boosts attributes. Those are cool, but don’t make your build too focused on them, especially if they give vitality. Imagine you equip a shield that gives vit. It will take a little while for the bar to fill, so it isn’t as useful. Strenght, OTOH, is an immediate boost, so the moment you equip the weapon, you have that boost available, just when you need it. But see them as bonus.
Potions and warpaints: same. See them as bonus, but don’t make your build dependent of using them.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

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Yes, on your attribute panel you will see indications on the right +x. X means the plus you gain from something. For example a buff in strength gives you +3, but ajas bane or axe of the lion gives +5 on equip, a guardian armor (derketo dlc) with a named armorer on garrison bench gives +10 on strength. I use executioners hood and redeemed silent legion most of the times, it may be a slow armor but you walk freely on the map, literally everywhere and you feel less (1350 armor). I wear the armor, take the buffs and putting the attributes as I told you. Try almost everything, this is my playstyle, not necessarily the best, yet you’ll enjoy it, that’s a promise. The stopm of red mother will be fear no more :wink:.

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not true.

i done all game content in harvester mode (and that is 10 strength).

I use 45 in encumbrance and carry a backpack to max it out so I can loot a base and run run away. The rest I divide in all attributes evenly excepts accuracy. Accuracy gets 1 point. This is for PVE-C

High risk, high reward. Takes balls to pull it off. Bravo, @bigjohn !

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It’s true, you can. I have a builder/farmer account max encumbrance and 3rd perk survival and played all the content with it, wine cellar included. Basically just to have the feats. It’s not even hard, but it’s way, WAY, easier with a fighter build. All you need to do is to be extra cautious.

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How do you deal with bosses? like king croc or spider?

Aren’t we all :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Back then even in pvp I was playing full encumbrance and because we didn’t had the auto equip I couldn’t risk not to play 50 in encumbrance. When horses came were acting like fighters and die in battles, so we didn’t use horses for this reason.
Auto equip change a lot, plus after Siptah I started to trust horses too, actually this run around came really handy lots of times. In Siptah surges you get bearers that hit almost as fighters, they are excellent companions.
Yet exile lands for some of us will always remain home :relaxed:.
Master @Ragnaguard these days of full encumbrance build are long gone for me, I change only when I want to farm materials and back to strength build. I cannot trust thralls anymore.

A spider is very easy. You keep by its side. Avoid the special attack.
A croc, only takes longer. Keep away from its snout, even if it seems it won’t get you, roll out when it puts the tail up to avoid the spinning tail blow. Try to stay near its rear. If you still have problems, I can save a clip doing it and post it. Just tell me with which weapon you want me to kill them.

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if u craft the back pack with a named armourer it give +6 to encumbrance (so u save one point there to put in lower raised attributes)


Exactly, @Ragnaguard . But usually I don’t take it because I can’t see sh.t with that thing on my back and my combat performance suffers terribly. :sweat_smile:
It’s a matter of habit, I guess. I use that backpack with fighter builds if I’ll do a little farming. VERY useful!

Since your asking and its going to be changed with 3.0 anyways-On officials- non pvp i run this-

Str- 22
Survival- 0

22 strength because i get +8 from a tier 3 armorer- strength set.

LOL!- anything that dots me im blocking or kiting while i heal.

Taking down every boss in the game , both maps, with this build. Some solo and some with others.

Add weight reduction kits to strength set = more you carry.

Armor on one character 935 while armor on another is 1k+ depending if you got a T4 shieldwright and or scoutwright. I also use temperwrights too if i want more durability which means less repair kits.

Same goes for weapons for damage and armor pen etc.

In short i find myself using all of them depending on what style im in the mood for.

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