Thrall fell under ground and won’t reappear

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: | Bug |
Region: the crevice | official 3604

Ok I have a bearer thrall who seems to have gotten stuck in the cave wall or under the ground in the cave we’re based in. I’ve waited several days to see if the server reset would rescue him, tried pulling critters into area he’s in to get him to come out and nothing has worked. How can I get this guy back, he’s showing up on the thrall pot list and I can’t place any other thralls near where he was set to guard. Need help on this one

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Take thrall
  2. Place on guard
  3. Log out
  4. Poof he’s gone

sry dood, prolly lost him, the forums full of these threads now.

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It’d be nice if they could admin walk thru wall and pull him out for me though. Can’t even place floor tile back in place, because he’s in the way behind the wall :joy:

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I think I remember you from the other thread. I realise what you mean now.
Funcom recently fixed some areas that were suspected to be used for undermesh (out of map) exploits. They did this by essentially expanding parts of the map.

I also lost many items at the boundary spillway;

P.s. It may be obvious, but Thralls return to the last location they were on guard. So if you only told it to stop following, it will teleport to its original guard location.

P.p.s. Thralls don’t need to be fed anymore.


Yeah he was on guard in that spot, and used thrall pot to verify he was in area and alive still

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I’m sorry to say they are most likely not retrievable.
Funcom have been expanding areas like this to prevent exploits.
We have just become part of the collateral damage that ensued.
Which bearer did you lose?

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Hello @Rlesley74, as it has been mentioned the thrall likely stood guarding in one of the areas that was modified to prevent undermeshing exploits, unfortunately we’re unable to provide any assistance with the restoration of items on the official servers, apologies for the inconvenience.

Well just happened to another thrall in a different spot, only things in common: both were bearers and both were in guard positions

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