Thrall fell under map

I play on Xbox and my thrall I placed has fell into the map. It’s very frustrating because he has god breaker armor as well as the sword of crom. Any ideas on how to fix this? I’ll probably quit the game if can’t get him back.

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Sorry was too quick, did you place it to guard? Was it on foundations?

Sometimes logging out and then back in fixes this sort of thing. Also, if he was set to “follow” you he may eventually return to whatever place you last had him set to “guard.” You could also check the “event log” with the box for thralls checked, to make sure the system does not show him as killed by something, just in case. I sometimes still have thrall sink into foundations I built also, if that happened you might be able to “dig him out” by destroying foundations, though I usually see such thralls emerge on their own anyway. Sometimes you can draw a thrall who has fallen into part of the map out by luring some foe near where the thrall was, so he might pop out and attack. Just some ideas, in case any of that helps.

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The log said he returned home. He’s definitely under the mesh. Not inside any foundation. I know because I tried to place another thrall in that same spot he was and it said it was to close to another thrall when there’s actually nothing around. I tore my whole base down.


Ignasis, this is one of the problems i mentioned earlier, also it is not the first time it has been reported , and no official response yet

i just cant imagine how frustrated some players will be specially for those who does not follow the news , read forums or anything, it is going to be a bummer…


Sometimes you can target the thrall you cannot see and order to “follow” and then run far away and they might pop out, but under the mesh it is probably not letting you do that :frowning: I am assuming the thrall reverted to “guard” and is doing so in an unreachable place… If you have not tried yet, especially with no structures there, maybe move the other thralls away from that area a bit and drag some aggressive creature or enemy there in case the thrall can be triggered to pop out from the mesh to “guard” against the foe? Or if you can target the thrall try ordering “follow” and run far away, maybe swim across a body of water to see if it pops him out. Best thoughts I have for trying to dig him out at least?

@Ignasi I agree with @Palm522 and @zerog, there are numerous reasons why a clan might have thralls they can’t find or reach, and we need a way to be able to cull them.

Failing that, a mechanism that allows us to favorite thralls and exempt them from the automatic culling would also work:


they are about to release a major PAtch in two days (live servers) that is not even balanced or properly tested.

and still important questions has not been answered…as of yet.

At this point, I’m just hoping that they have something in-place for us to cull our lost thralls/pets before the grace period ends.

Part of the reason I don’t think it’s an unreasonable hope is the fact that they’ve given us the oft-requested ability to rename thralls. Being able to uniquely identify otherwise identical followers (i.e. multiple different Dalinsia Snowhunters) is practically a prerequisite for any sort of remote kill command. So maybe this is something they’re working on behind the scenes.

Still, it would be nice to get some acknowledgement that they are aware of the lost/undermeshed follower problem and recognize its significance to the player base.

Time will tell…

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To be fair, I’m pretty sure @Ignasi and @Jens_Erik have probably heard this loud and clear. But I’m also pretty sure they’re literally not allowed to say anything until there’s something to say.

Time will tell… :wink:

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That’s likely a fair assessment, especially since they are Community Support/Management and not developers or roadmap deciders (to the best of my knowledge).

That said, it seems to me that the Trello board might be a handy tool for prioritizing not just bug fixes but also feature requests. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any mechanism on it for community members such as ourselves to add suggestions there, even if they first have to pass thru a moderator queue. I’m just hoping that posts that pass the Nice Reply threshold are enough to peak their interest.

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This happened to me once. There’s a thrall of mine lurking somewhere underneath the map. I understand that bugs and glitches are unavoidable in software, so I suggest an option (can be either a player option or something the admin needs to invoke) to cause all thralls belonging to a specific player to respawn next to that player.

Or if someone could write a mod to give players this option to have all their thralls respawn next to them. Maybe also have a limit to the number of times a player can use it over a given time period to prevent a player from moving all his thralls around the world en-masse at his whim…

I would do that but where I’m built I can’t drag anything there.

Ah I understand, it was possibly a long shot anyway but was trying to come up with anything that might work to save that thrall. Some of the suggestions here would be good if added, maybe something to summon a nearby (but potentially undermeshed) thrall directly to you, but we do not have something like that yet. At least with the upcoming patch having some thrall changes, perhaps there is potential that other thrall issue improvements will come soon’ish, but meanwhile I wish we could help you get that thrall out…

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