Thralls Falling Into The Undermesh

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Offline
Region: North America
Hardware: PS4 original console

Bug Description:

I have had thralls fall into the undermesh twice, and I suspect a third time. I first noticed this when I was playing in the archives of the Unnamed City and my Dalinsia Snowhunter (#1) got stuck in its maproom; #1 had sunk up to her chest. I rode away on horseback to my base near Sepermaru, assuming the thrall would teleport to me eventually. She never did. #1 disappeared from my thrall list and there wasn’t a notification of her death. I went into ghost mode to look for her, retraced my steps but couldn’t find any trace.

The two other times my Dalinsia Snowhunter (#2) was in guarding mode just outside my base and near my map room. Both times I had been away from base and when I returned she wasn’t in her guarding spot. In one instance she was listed in under my thralls and in the last instance she was not. I was able to find her both times by going into ghost mode and dropping down for almost a minute; she was quite far down.

Expected Behavior:

Thralls not to drop into the undermesh

Steps to Reproduce:

Place a thrall in Guarding mode near a maproom. Leave the area and return after at least 10 minutes. Or have a thrall follow you onto the maproom of the Unnamed City

Thank You

Hey @Amon_Tsoka

We’re aware of this issue and we’ve been working on fixing it since 2.4.4.
Regarding your #1 thrall, did that happen before the last patch?
Regarding #2 and #3, issue seems to happen whenever teleporting back or moving back to your thrall from a distance out of render range, right?

Thanks in advance for the information.


Thank you for the quick reply. I believe the first incident, with Thrall #1, happened after the patch, though I’m sorry, I’m not positive of that.
As for #2 and #3, yes, it happens when I return from a distance out of render range.

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