Thrall under the world

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [| Bug]
Region: [Sinkhole]

[I have a thrall, placed a few feet from the talking stele at the Sinkhole. He has fallen through the earth and is running around inside the sand dune there. I can see his health bar when I pull mobs nearby, but no part of him (ie I cannot command him to do anything). He’s in flawless armor and has a Sword of Crom, so I really don’t want to lose his stuff. Is there ANY WAY I can get him back?]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a thrall near the Sinkhole stele
  2. Have REALLY bad luck

We have been losing followers for two years falling thru the mess. Its how you build your base, dictates how fragile the area below your base it.
We rebuild on base 4 times to get rid of this.

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@Hyborian_Jones what do you rebuild to keep thralls from falling through your base and might it work for players falling through the world to death. And might this be related to flying above staircases? Thanks

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I placed him right on the map, on a dune. Nothing I made was under him.
Back in the day, thralls fell through foundations all the time, so I avoid putting them on foundations at all if i can help it.

Try placing them on rocks only. that what we do.
Sound like you built on an under mesh hot spot.

Question still stands, is there a way to retrieve him without losing his stuff?

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Before the update to recall thralls lost a decked out thrall after several server restarts she showed up. Happened on my server tried using ghost mode could not find her only knew she was there because of thrall pots. I would give it some time.

Yes and no. I found several had fallen thru the floor. The foundations were 4 deep. When I removed the layers, SOME of the followers where there.
Thralls had a better recovery rate than animals.
Be advised, this was before I built all of our bases 100% on rock. The floors are still several layers thick, and yes we have the floating door ways every now and then, but we loose no followers for a long time now.

Can I get some love from a Funcom Moderator? :slight_smile:

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@Ignasi do you have any suggestions for @Skalla-Hrafn?

Pretty please?

Kind of. You could bring a horse that has a midnight potion and then undermesh to where the thrall is. Put the thrall on follow and then use the potion.

Hi, I also had the same problem, at the end I had to rescue them and lose their things. I’m sorry, I haven’t seen another solution


Hi @Skalla-Hrafn, if you’re playing on an official server there’s no way to retrieve an undermesh thrall other than either managing to get inside the mesh to interact with it (at least until the anti-undermesh measures are enabled, as they’re currently being tested), or using the thrall recovery mechanic at the expense of its equipment. In certain situations, it might even go back to its original position after server restart, but it’s very uncommon.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer any assistance with the restoration of items or followers.


Thanks @Hugo for responding :smiley:

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I had a Dina fall into a large rock in the Highlands a while ago.

I’d resigned myself to Dina-In-The-Rock spending the rest of her days as a stealthy (if largely ineffective, having burned through her decent arrows on the nearby pack of wolves) base defender, so was pleasantly surprised when she finally stepped back out into the world in the middle of a Rocknose purge attacking the base above her, and I was able to interact with her & plonk her down somewhere more sensible.

It’s a longshot, but it’s definitely possible for an aggro thrall to find their way back to open air.


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