How to locate a wayward thrall?

My follower thrall didn’t return home when I died. He’s not where I last had him, nor anywhere else near my base. But he’s probably still alive somewhere, because the event log doesn’t mention any thrall deaths in the past 21 days (with the distance slider to max). It’s been more than a week now since he’s vanished. Is there a way to locate him somehow?

I play on an official server, so I can’t use admin commands or any mods.

Backtrack your route from the base where you last had him to the place where you died. A Thrall “returns home” to the last position where he got the “Stand guard” order, so if you had stopped with the thrall somewhere en route, that’s where he has gone.

This is how I once found one of my Entertainer thralls dancing in the river halfway between the Black Galleon and the Hand of the Maker.

You can also make several “Thrall pot” and place it along the last known route you used with thrall as a follower.

It works similarly to using a foundation block to find land claims and might help pinpoint your thrall.


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