Thrall Disappearing after my character's death

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Region: NA

I had died to the rhino king near Sepermeru with a Captain thrall of the relic hunters faction following me, when I returned to reclaim my gear the thrall was nowhere to be found, 20 minutes later the game said they returned home and its been about an hour since then. Normally I wouldn’t care but I have this thrall equipped with flawless epic armor and an Adventurer’s Blade so I would like to know how to go about finding it or what to do if possible.

This had happened on NA server 2504 PVE on Xbox One.


Hey there @Orihime96

Home for a thrall is the latest guard point you set for that particular one. Once they reach it after unfollowing you, you get the message you mentioned :slight_smile:

That is simply not true. It may be in theory but that’s all it is, a theory. Both my brother and I have found thralls we thought were long gone because they we never could find them even remotely where we died. One specific example is when we had some thralls in guard mode up by the Cimmerian camp on the NW of the map. We went up there, grabbed a couple of those thralls and went further North towards the Frozen Palace with all the black ice. We died, came back and got our corpses our thralls were no where to be found. Probably 2 weeks later we came across my brothers thrall guarding another guilds elevator on the cliffs between the desert and the north. Nevermind the thing was in a completely different spot from the last 10 places it had been set to guard but the thrall should have starved to death by the time we came across it again.

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