Thrall sometimes disappears when your character dies

Sometimes I die and my thrall is where I died and we can continue our journey, but sometimes it’s like someone threw a rock down on her and crushed her into the pavement so I can’t find her. It’s annoying sometimes.

yeah happens to me too. but it seems to me he is invisible, standing in one place.found him once by his name on top of him. move out of that area and come back so it loads in new, he should be back than. or you really have to wait until he comes back home.

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Hey @Trappist01x, do you have any message in the event log when this issue occurs?

It’s possible that the thrall simply returns to the last position he was set to guard.


Just happened again and I didn’t see anything in the log.

Correction: I was at the wrong spot this time. lol. Found her. I was at my last body. But yeah, it is an issue. Also, I’m sure you know this by now, but thralls tend to stand around instead of fighting like the sun is in their eyes. lol.

When you die the Following Thrall/Animal will return to the Last placed position, As for the Fighting i recommend trying to remove the weapon from the Thrall and replace in its inventory. If no success then try placing it in the Primary Weapon slot on Thrall.

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