Any update on existing Thrall issues? Walkable floor, stuck on buildings, falling thru map, Killer Rhino? - Pics & Vids

Looking for updates on the Thrall issues. :confused:
Especially the falling thru map and walkable floor.

Must be placed on walkable floor 1

Must be placed on walkable floor 2

Thralls were returning from a fight and got stuck on a building, as they do.
When I tried to move them back to the platform they must be on or fall thru the floor, I got the, must be placed on walkable floor

Floating Thralls

Thralls falling through the map.

Killer Rhino Issues


Floating and, stamina did not run out this time…

That last one is just creepy.


Just fix the thralls falling thru the ground and, the, must be placed on walkable and I’d be good for a while. :slight_smile:
Don’t wait 6 months to push a bunch of patches… cause the game is more of a PITA then fun ATM.

Hi @KmKn

We will have various thrall fixes and improvements in our next updates so please keep an eye out for that.
As for the reported thrall issues, we’ve passed this information over to the rest of the team.

We are always working on improving Conan Exiles so we really appreciate your feedback as this helps us make the Exiled Lands even better.


Thanks @Dana
I am a weekend warrior and when I logged in on Sat I downloaded a 3.xGB update however, the thrall issues persistent.


I’m personally a fan of 110%.


Um, my post, can we kill the flame war.
Although it would be nice to know FC will be fixing thralls as it really kinda ruins the game.

Hello everyone,

Please keep the replies in this thread on the same subject :slightly_smiling_face:
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Thank you for your understanding.

Yeah when i got on yesterday 5 of my tralls wher under the map when is the next update it’s really not fun at this point spending all day trying to get them back and loseing their armor and weapons every time this happens

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Same problem here, SP, Thralls on a wall(s)/floor(s) ‘seems’ working. Thralls (pets) are falling regularly through the mesh. And another point. I put Thralls on top of a spine, some structures (arena) for testing this, and they where sitting there quite some time. Bec. they where never attacked, they never had anything to move… so it seems as long as they only standing around, nothing happens. I also tested with and without some mods. The bug is not affected through or by it.

A second problem re. purges: Some times I get purges UNDER my base! Yep, they spawn under the base wall/wedges elements, even if they (the building elements) have contact to the lands. Now the Thralls are going to them (as they should, as set up) to fight. But after the fight they return home, but falling through the map. They will be position on the same spot as placed BUT vertical down.

Will there be an update to fix the groundhog thralls soon? Or is everyone on vacation for a month? Would have liked to see this patched before the Devs all go to the beach for the next 4 weeks…also will the patch dig up the burried thralls? It must be like when Hopper got trapped in the tunnels on Stranger Things. They need help.

Purges under your base, can’t wait for that one… :expressionless:
Funcom, any update on the thrall issues??
Funcom, any update on the thrall issues??
Funcom, any update on the thrall issues??
It really makes the game a PITA.

When placing thralls on foundations we must have else they fall thru the mesh…
There’s always one corner of a single foundation where I cannot place any thrall.
Place four foundations into a square, again, there’s one random corner you cannot place a thrall.

Could ya make the rule for thralls the same as my toon?
If I can stand there, so can they?

I lost a level 20 thrall today he fell through the map and died.

I can no longer keep track of how many thralls I’ve had fall through the map, thankfully none of them died, they just got stuck.

I’ve had four horses die at this point though, no explanation, it just says they died in the log, then all their stuff gets deleted.

It apparently happens when I quit my single player game. The reason I’m playing single player is so I can get my thralls back that fall through the map, which happens regularly even when they’re standing on foundations in guard mode

I know resources and time are limited, but these are really big bugs that can amount to hours of wasted player time at absolutely no fault of their own and no way to counter.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll only use the most basic saddle and always make sure my horses don’t have anything on their inventory

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Someone from FC will look into this, in a month or so. Im sure of it…

Realistically though, the Devs are on vacation for another 3 weeks at least. Then they gotta figure out the “Moleman” problem with the thralls. Prolly another 2-3 weeks. Then write a patch, certify and release, prolly another month…i predict thralls will be “pushing up daisies” for a minimum of 10 more weeks…maybe 9 if things go great…

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