Testlive Update 2.5 - Discussion thread

Started a retiming pass on the new Katana attacks. Currently only 1st light and 1st and 2nd heavy attacks have been adjusted. The rest are being worked on so expect some inconsistencies on the speed of the strikes along each chain.

I really do enjoyed playing with the old Katana moveset and loved it.
Currently im kind disapointed to be honest, it feels and look cool for sure, but the damage output is more like just “Spam spam spam” then simple skill based attacks and strikes.

Thats my personal opinion for sure, i know alot ppl would love to have something more “Samurai” like thing, but ending up with a left mouse spam weapon, since right mosue klicks feel kind “worse”, the Katana goes for sure for myself down the hill into the lower beloved weapon list.

I would prefer to have at least the Utility to select between both stances. sure its maybe just my point of vief, but a samurai didnt swing his sword like a monkey until the enemy died, at least i feel the way current :frowning:

probably correct that I will write here, because otherwise I don’t know how to tell you this, I’m already tired of the fact that every time I farm, farm, farm figurines for many days, so that at least the recipe you need to get, but no, no, no, no, How can you do this, my patience has already run out, Is it really impossible to make the recipe that you learned so that it does not fall anymore ,


YES this is a must if they want the healthbars enabled to be a thing @Ignasis @Mayra Please pass this info right here to the people working on this system please… There should not only be a range hud difference for them but also can we allow players to adjust the overall size of the HP bar? i dont personally need it that large especially if we can just see numbers above a players head lol

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I have to actually agree with @WhieFOX (sorry for the wrong call out) here. There is no mechanism of trade to hand off unwanted schematics and scrolls. In PvP, you aren’t going to bet your life on something like this and in PvE, there’s no trade function other than dropping something on the ground and hoping they might give you something in back. By dropping their item on the ground.

And between clanmates? Still relatively useless, as if someone in the clan has learned it already, why would you grind fragments of power for a low chance at something you might want? You’d just give them the materials to have them craft it with the best crafting Thrall possible.

Random chance gacha systems are inherently a grind. And a waste, as eventually it boils down to ‘kill the mobs that currently drop fragments of power as fast as possible, then go try for the recipe’.

Oh, look. I can… make colored candles again! Woohooo! I’ll go put that useless paper in a chest somewhere. Totally useless in Single Player. And barely more useful in co-op.


And of course there are always the private PvP/PvE servers out there that have active moderators to prevent all that kind of stuff :slight_smile:

The problem with private is that they come and go too fast. I still looking for a good one to play vanilla config, and dont wiped at some point. Every ones talks about private servers but no one was capable of pointing one that is similar to an official and is alive the same time as an official.

fellow developers have already gone mad, this is impossible, my slave limit is fine, I did not exceed it, but every day 2-3 slaves die, downloaded slaves just die and that’s it, they are not killed, they just die, I repeat, I have not exceeded the limit and this is already annoying, it is already impossible to endure

developers, I would like to offend you with such pleasure, but I will refrain from repeating why my fighters die and today I also repeat 3 satellites, once again I have not exceeded the limit, my fighters just disappear, they are inside the base

I find it great that HP bars show through buildings and objects such as stones, trees, etc.
Although it is not “realistic”, it will serve us in some way, to counteract those who hide undermesh.
Once the undermesh issue is fixed, I think the all time HP bar should be removed, it takes a lot of richness out of the game, I won’t be able to camouflage myself in the plants anymore. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

To the development team, please prioritize anti-undermesh measures in Siptah, it’s being terrible. The rest is great. :clap:

I just want to say that the patch notes look great. Keep the good work up!

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@Ignasis, you closed the following thread stating, “You can discuss Testlive patches on its respective section, hopefully with more elaborate insights.

  1. How could I possibly further elaborate on the current Thrall issues on consoles more than the threads below?
  2. Descriptions, pics, vids and others players verifying the issues.
  3. The fact that these patch notes do not include anything that addresses these issues but instead, includes Thrall QOL additions and cosmetic Thrall fixes.
  4. Why would any of that matter when I can’t see my thralls as they’re under the mesh?
  5. I can’t place them, they float, get stuck on buildings, don’t return to guard position, always in attack stance, etc, etc. ← All of which ‘etc’ is documented below.

The lack of acknowledgement from your side of the fence is as insulting as it is frustrating.

Thralls not returning to guard position/getting stuck on buildings.

Must be placed on walkable floor.
Floating Thralls.
Getting stuck on buildings.
Killer Rhino Issues - Faceplant and contorting/floating in the air.

Losing Thralls Underground.

Random thralls don’t follow when teleporting (admin cheat) - Video.

And these are just my threads.


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Are we in a waiting mode for a new big patch? It’s been a few weeks for Testlive to be updated.


It’s summer holiday season in Scandinavia (though they’ve usually given heads up about this in the past). At least that’s my best guess.


Where? Who? Whaaat?