Objection, cause for speculation! 2.9/ 3.0

I’ve been waiting so long for news for 3.0 that I’ve actually gone back to look at when the last few updates were announced, put on test live and went live after Isle of Siptah to get an idea of which day of the week 2.9/ 3.0 news will drop.

Follower Emotes, Bug fixes/patches


2.8: Went Live (Jan 26,2022, Wednesday)

2.8 went on Testlive (Jan 6, 2022, Thursday)

2.8 no Devstream or trailer, went from Testlive to Live

Grave Matters Event


2.7: Went Live (Dec 8, 2021, Wednesday)

2.7 goes on TestLive (November 19, 2021, Friday)

2.7 had no Devstream, but released a Trailer the same day as the Event went live on Dec 8, 2021, Wednesday.

People of the Dragon DLC and 3.0 first teased


2.6 Went Live (Oct 21, 2021, Thursday)

2.6 DevStream was (Oct 15, 2021 Friday)

2.6 went on TestLive (Sep 23, 2021, Thursday)

QOL Update, small animal pens, weapons on backs, bug fixes


2.5 Went Live ( Aug 19, 2021, Thursday)

2.5 went on Testlive (June 24, 2021 Thursday)

2.5 no Trailer or Devstream, went from Testlive to Live

So, to summarize; Updates go to Testlive on Thursdays (3) or Fridays (1). Updates go Live on Official servers Wednesdays (2) and Thursdays (2).

Send help…


The fashion contest winners are being announced on the 30th… 30th? or more like 3.0th?? :thinking:


The Temple Contest was the only one I recall seeing featured on a Devstream, and that was during the Developer Stream - Update 2.6 but it was mainly announced via Forum post

Other contests include:
Valentine’s Day Card Contest Winners which was announced via Forum post

Tower of the Elephant Contest Winners also announced via Forum post.

So, likely the Fashion Contest winners will also be announced via Forum post on the 30th with no ties to 2.9/ 3.0.

Would now be a good moment to remind people about how versioning works, i.e. that 2.9 isn’t necessarily followed by 3.0, it can also be followed by 2.10? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


True story

We could also see a 2.8 Chapter 2, if they go the valve route

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If they go the Valve route, we’ll never see Conan Exiles 3.0


Do these things follow any standard logic at all?

I always assumed that 2 only goes to 3 when its a major core overhaul (like engine change, or something just as big) occurs, and the second number goes from 9 to 10 when other game systems change or improve. And then one extra .x for bugfixes, balance changes and so on

But sometimes thats not what happens so no idea :thinking:

Dunno. The only “standard logic” I know and use is semantic versioning, but I don’t think you could apply that here :wink:

Personally, I expect 3.0 to bring as many big changes as 2.0 did.

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I wonder how long my beard will be? :smiley:

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