Too many bugs, Funcom!

Hey @Olivia

first of, its great that you found your way to this (mostly :slight_smile: ) awesome game!

In this short time you had to experience many cruel and gamebreaking bugs and i feel sorry that your start to this game was this bumpy.

Funcom is aware of most - if not all - of these bugs and they promised to fix many of them in the next big update, being 2.5 (Patchnotes 2.5)
They will release it live after their summer break so hopefully you will stay around until then to have a look at how they managed to adress the bugs from your list!

Most of these bugs seem to be occurring only on old-gen-consoles that have longer loading times. Some people found solution in installing an SSD but both “solutions” are very expensive. Lets just hope that they manage to make the game smoother for old-gen again :slight_smile: