Texture and asset loading issues after 2.4.4 - PS4Pro/PS5/Base PS4

Hey all,

Last night we pushed to Testlive the initial build for Update 2.5. In it, we’ve included most of the optimizations we’ve been working on to alleviate the issues you’ve been encountering in PS4 and PS5. In particular:

Update 2.5 is still away from being released live, as it is currently planned to stay on Testlive for at least a month. However once it is finally released, we hope it improves the issues you all have been reporting.

Regarding 2.4.6, it has already been released on PC and Xbox, and it is coming to Playstation. It’s currently undergoing the last steps of certification and we sincerely aim to release it as soon as it is possible. In it, we’ve included the first batch of optimizations. You can see them reflected in the Xbox notes:

These are the fist round of optimizations and will help improve, but not significantly, most of the general performance issues.
And yes, before you ask and unrelated to this thread, in 2.4.6 there’s the fixes for nudity and Twitch drops. :slight_smile: