Texture and asset loading issues after 2.4.4 - PS4Pro/PS5/Base PS4

Have the team given a date for patch?


Because there are only a handful of official Siptah servers in the US, our groups decided to get our own. I can say it runs much better with 10 players than 40. However, there are times when the invisible NPCs show up, but usually only for 10 seconds at most. The problem that occurs the most is my screen will show an animal or person frozen in place/walking away while I am attacking them. They aren’t doing what is shown, but are attacking me. I just can’t see it. When the game catches up, I am either dead or standing over their body.

On official, everything is invisible for up to 5 minutes.

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Ps4 is unplayed, patch died this game

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When i look at this there are many, many people complaining about issues that basicly makes the game very unpleasent to play.

Funcom came with a statement that they have found the issue with the laggy game and visual issues, and that they will sort it in the next patch and thats good news, But to just say that patch xbox and ps4 is not at easy as PC dosent really cut it.

Which state are you in at the moment, is the console patch completed, and awaiting approval from MS and Sony?

Or have you recognized the issue, but havent realy sorted it out?

You need to keep us in the loop and have us updated, You cant just say “its not easy to patch” so shall we wait 1 week, or 6 months until the patch could drop?



Our latest status update about this issue can be found here:


@SquashEm Thanks for the video. It matches the results of our investigations More on that on the last paragraphs. :point_down: :point_down:

@speedice That also seems to align with what we’ve finding out through testing. :point_down:

We’ve been testing this collating it with other reports we’ve received on Xbox (in particular One S models). The issue at hand seems to be caused by some out of memory issues and it is mostly happening once the database (savegame) reaches a certain size/ complexity. Meaning, those who have just started playing on singleplayer or smaller servers start to find this issue a few dozen hours into the game, while in bigger saves, private servers databases and official servers, this issue can manifest itself right away due to the amount of assets that needs loaded in.

That’s what we’re now looking into and trying to squash. With 2.4.6 we’ve added more optimizations that will mostly address the hitching/freezing also reported on consoles, but for the memory issues, we don’t have any ETA we can provide at the moment.
Once again, and for clarification:


Game mode: [ Select one: Online official]
Type of issue: [ Select one: Performance ]
Server type: [ Select one: PvP ]
Region: [ EU ]
Hardware: [ PS4 pro ]

Bug Description:

NPC’s and players are often invisible. The attack noise for Human NPC’s is the rocknose sound effect. Other sound effects take sometimes a long time to play, maybe 10 seconds after you jump your character makes a noise. The graphics are awful, the far background looks terrible. The water effects are dreadful. Buildings and bases take a long time to spawn in, even small buildings. The loading when respawing and teleporting has increased a lot.

Expected Behavior:

The game to look and perform and least as well as it did before the patch and not worse!! .

Steps to Reproduce:

*Load exiled lands and be disappointed. *


There Is an ETA for 2.4.6 update?


This is a good summery of the many issues I’ve been experiencing as well.

Possibly related to the loading issues:

  • resource nodes disappear after I hit them and then reappear in 15-90 seconds. I believe the game is swapping out the static node asset to the interactable asset of the node
  • Lots of invisible enemies (often I’m getting attacked before I even know what is attacking me) and
  • enemies that get stuck in an animation on my screen even while my followers are clearly fighting them somewhere else (looks like they are attacking something invisible)

I’m having the same problem in my game as well. It also takes up to two minutes for the building around me to load. I died due to waiting for my own house to load cause I was standing on a spike and couldn’t see it.
It takes between a minute and two for stuff to load around me, pretty much every time I go up to something.
Like I can see the items inside the house before it loads.

The water is grey and foggy. The far off horizon has a line, or is foggy, or blurry. I don’t know what I’m being attacked by because I can’t see it. Both my follower and I have done a floating thing with our arms out. I freeze when I try to open anything, repeatedly.

I appreciate the new addition of Siptah but I’ve barely gotten to see the Exile land and I’d prefer to paly more of that, for now.

I’m in 3518 PVE, if that helps.
Thank you for your time.


I play on PVE and I’m having the same issues but I just want to say that you said this perfectly.

If I’m not having fun, I’m not playing. 100% how I’m feeling.


Hey there,

Just another quick update on this issue:
We’ve bundled a first round of optimization fixes in 2.4.6, which we aim to release sometime this month. It has currently undergone internal and closed beta testing, and has been sent to certification. At this point we’re waiting to see if the patch passes certification or not, and if not, how to address that.
This round of fixes will likely alleviate, but not completely fix the problems discussed in this thread. They address hitching and freezes, and loading times for game assets.

Most of the feedback and results obtained for the issues on this thread, which are mostly related to the Exiled Lands causing bottlenecking on the system’s resources, are being worked for 2.5. A large number of fixes and optimizations for shaders, assets and memory management on the Exiled Lands on consoles are being, as of the time of this writing, worked on and bundled into 2.5.
For this update, we still don’t have any estimate, but given its size, it will be released first on Testlive to identify possible issues with the update itself. From there, it usually takes around a month to release live, depending on factors like feedback received, critical issues identified and in the case of consoles, certification.


Thank you for FYIing us, Ignasis! Adding a transparency to the patching process always helps!

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Is full nudity included in this patch like you guys said will add to the next patch?


They have said multiple times that they would release it on the next update, because internally they have long since fixed it. If they didn’t add it this time either, at this point the situation would start to be ridiculous but I really hope not.


I hope this patch fixes texture loading on standard ps4.


Thanks for the update on these ongoing issues.

Hey all,

Last night we pushed to Testlive the initial build for Update 2.5. In it, we’ve included most of the optimizations we’ve been working on to alleviate the issues you’ve been encountering in PS4 and PS5. In particular:

Update 2.5 is still away from being released live, as it is currently planned to stay on Testlive for at least a month. However once it is finally released, we hope it improves the issues you all have been reporting.

Regarding 2.4.6, it has already been released on PC and Xbox, and it is coming to Playstation. It’s currently undergoing the last steps of certification and we sincerely aim to release it as soon as it is possible. In it, we’ve included the first batch of optimizations. You can see them reflected in the Xbox notes:

These are the fist round of optimizations and will help improve, but not significantly, most of the general performance issues.
And yes, before you ask and unrelated to this thread, in 2.4.6 there’s the fixes for nudity and Twitch drops. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for keeping us updated. I can’t stress enough how important for us to have timely and transparent updates from community managers. Especially when PS4, as a youngest brother that wears his sibling’s old clothes, is the last to receives all the updates, we still feel loved thanks to updates like this :slight_smile:

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