Make all build areas purge eligible

Hi RLB and welcome to the community!! You have my support and I agree with with you in the strongest possible terms. And until Update 2.5 we used to get purges in the River biome too. This is an all round example of an unwarranted, and blatantly unecessary change which had next to no calls for it. I honestly can’t recall seeing any threads on the forum where new players created posts to say that they got wiped by purge. And even when newer players did actually get purges, they were remarkably easy! I mean come on hyenas, imps!? Removing purges from the ‘southern riverbank’ (more on that soon…) was actually to the detriment of newer players, as these softball Purges not only served as great training Purges before jumping to T2 and T3 purges, they afforded them opportunities to access T4 craftsmen early into the game.

And to compound this, we were told that the purges would only quote “no longer spawn in the southern reigon of the noob river” unquote. But as we can see below, that was hardly the case.

I am sorry, I have always believed credit given where credit due and polite constructive criticism where it is warranted. Funcom don’t get it wrong that often, but this was one such occasion when they did. And we could only hope this one day this counter productive decision will be reverted.