Bow still can 1-2 shot, Horses can still 1 shot. and it needs patched with more broken pvp

It seems to have led to a complete reworking of the claw movement mechanic. Isn’t that what you keep asking for when you say;


(Testlive Update 2.5 (24.06.2021) - The QoL and Bugfixing update!):

Straight from the horses mouth!

So are they lying? The biggest balance patch, has nothing to do with balance? Amazing!

Next time do some basic research, and maybe approach the discussion in a BALANCED way.

When the meta doesn’t naturally evolve through adaptations within the player base. Or if the meta doesn’t match the devs long term vision for the game, they need to step in, and make changes.

If you don’t agree with those changes you are more than welcome to follow SirDaveWolf when he says;

I salute your decision.
But I also understand why the devs would want to close the skill gap in terms of unintended mechanics. I’m sure you can too, even if it isn’t favourable to your play style.

I think you mean this;

Dennis (Lead Designer) is talking about the roll changes, and giving skilled players the edge vs multiple lower skilled players.