Anyone else got a good feeling about this weekend

I have that feeling in the back of my head that we might just get some stuff pushed to live this weekend. Or I could just be a hopeful fool.


I would love this to be true, but from what I read about testlive version, it’s still somewhat too buggy to go live. Who knows though. :smile:

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There’s a big NPC respawn issue that’s been going on for a while, but hopefully they’ll push the new Combat over to Live soon after it’s fixed. The new combat is feeling smooth on TestLive.

They’ve stated recently that the Swungle ain’t coming to us til Launch, not even in TestLive.

IMO, you’ll probably have to wait another week or two before the Combat update hits PC Live. It’ll also come with Neutral Set City, and the extensive alchemy + armors update.


We will call you „the oracle“ when you are right and thankful as we are you will be implemented as a god in this great game. :innocent:

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I dont know about this week but I would bet the patch has a good chance of coming next Thursday.

Remember Funcom, proving me right equals proving everyone else wrong. You and I both know how good that feels crosses fingers doe live update this weekend

You’ll probably have to wait a bit longer until all the new Purge content gets bugfixed. Not experiencing many problems myself, but now that Purge is in TestLive, I think it’s going to be a little longer before it all comes through to Live.

You might want to separate your Live installation by putting it in a separate folder, and then download the TestLive version and check out the Purge. It’s awesome.

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They can hold off on the purge. I just want a taste of combat and feats :slight_smile:

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I can attest that those alone are worth it to play testlive.

Right now test live has some issues, but the biggest one, the respawning NPC issue has been fixed. People are still seeing crashing, but I haven’t personally seen them myself.

I was off by a few days :slight_smile:

Really feel like they tried to take something that was good and make it less so. Why do the thralls come to us now… did anyone play test that with dancers inside? Did they go outside every time you left causing pick up and move “fun”? Game has several great things, now it also has several poor things like the above mentioned, in addition to some of the bugs. Fix bug and add frustration because why?

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I haven’t had any of those problems

Me too. Every time i approach, my thralls run up to me. This is aggravating, disruptive to my game play, not to mention when my dancers run up to me i constantly have to pick them up and put them inside my house, lest they get killed by a hyena or sandstorm. My work- around has been to pen my dancers in to a second story loft surrounded by stone fence so they cant go anywhere. I can no longer see them, so the visual appeal and ambiance of my home is gone. Please stop thralls from running up to me as i approach.

In additiion, building is difficult now. I can place 1 or 2 construction blocks, then i have to choose it from my wheel again, and that doesnt always work. It makes building a chore instead of fun.

I had to move my bed to the dirt ground outside my house because if i have my bed inside my house, i keep spawning trapped inside foundation blocks.

First person view is ruined. Now i have to look at my hands flopping around like dead fish, rather than being able to enjoy the scenery. And in first person, many times i am looking at the inside of my armor. Please fix this. The game is unplayable in first person, and i am forced to switch to 3rd, which i do no like, so that i can see unencumbered by my flopping hands or armor interior.

Constantly encumbered, putting all points earned into encumberance, but still i can barely carry food and water and my basic tools and armor, which means gathering is very difficult and painfully slow.

Server disconnects hourly now. And we pay for it. Would expect better service for something we pay for.

Takes 4 whole minutes to find the server we pay monthly for. Again, better server service is needed.

Combat used to be smooth, character movement used to be smooth, now it is clunky and not natural.

Lots of bugs…are we testing in production? Are we your testers? Likely so, since the game has not been officially released. Will these issues be resolved before May 8?

I went from loving this game and being addicted to it to seriously disliking it. I am only going to hold on until May 8, and if the above issues are not resolved, i am finding a new game to play.

Yes we are. They literally came out and said they wanted a wider range of people to test the game. Also that is what a prerelease is in general. I’m not sure why my thread about being exciting to play the new content has become a place to complain about bugs. They have a whole different section for that.

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Because it’s a disaster right now, and I feel folks are scouring the boards looking for A. An outlet for their frustrations, and B. Some kind of relief in knowing that others are sharing the same frustrations. This game is amazing, but recent changes have made it nigh unbearable to play.


Well I guess im lucky then. My server doesn’t seem to have any major problems. There is one annoying thing about inventory being full but other than that seems to be working fine

Actually, having done alpha and beta testing before, its actually going fairly well. The bugs are being discovered and reported; the devs are taking those reports seriously, tracking down causes, and pushing out fixes more rapidly than I have experienced before in games. I’ve been quite pleased by the progress. Sure, I’d love to have a perfect game that works on all platforms and all configurations, bug-free, weeks before the release-date, and doing everything as intended, but that’s just not realistic.

So, I’d actually say just the opposite:
To the community, I’d say 'Keep those bug reports coming; the more data reported, the faster the devs can smash ‘em.’
To the devs, I’d say 'Keep up the good work; the more fixes that get pushed out, the faster the community can test ‘em.’


Cool story. Mod points +5.

I understand people are frustrated. I find it interesting that not all servers are sharing the same problems. Our server didn’t have any problems with thralls or lag or anything like that. It’s a temporary problem that will have a solution soon, hopefully by this weekend. I find that most problems are when you are in or around your base. My suggestion, go out and run around the world. If you are on a private server your admins should help you out with lost stuff due to any tech issues out in the world. If you aren’t on a private server you should join one and try it out for a bit. Never know, might be a problem with the server.

I saw this bug in an earlier version of test live, my dancers would follow me and when they got close, they stoped and went back to where they were placed. But it was not fun and I finally used fences to wall off both dancers in like small fence boxes to stop them from following me. I haven’t seen this in Live since the big update though.