Testlive Patch (29.05.2020) - Balancing and Avatars Rev. 1

Greetings, Exiles of the Testlive lands!

We’re releasing the first revision for our next update, continuing our work with getting the Avatar system ready for prime time.

We are also continuing our work towards balancing the game, this time focusing on PVE content and boss encounters, substantially reducing the health pool of all raid, group and boss monsters. This brings the time to kill to similar values previous to the latest patch, and is one more step in our journey to re-balance content in the game. We’ll bring further balancing to other aspects of the game in future revisions of this patch.

Finally, we’ve bundled in some fixes for visual imperfections present in pieces from the Architects of Argos pack, and removed Denuvo from the game.

Thanks again for your ongoing feedback and support. Stay safe!

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.

Currently Known Issues

  • Please remember that this is a Work in Progress build of the game. As such many features might not work as intended, be incomplete, or present issues. Please let us know of any issues you found while testing by following these steps.


  • Added a number of optimizations for server code and server logs.
  • Added a number of optimization and database maintenance features. This may decrease the size of database files.
  • Fixed a number of crashing issues.
  • Removed Denuvo from the game.


  • Fixed alignment issues with Argossean Vaulted ceilings.
  • Fixed collision issues with Argossean beds.


  • Fixed an issue where thralls would not damage other thralls with ranged attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck inside a rhino’s mesh.
  • Reduced the HP for world bosses, dungeon bosses and group content bosses by an average of 35-40%. This brings the TTK of this PVE content to similar values previous to the last patch.


  • Players are now vulnerable to projectiles while summoning an avatar.
  • Avatar summoning time has been increased to 60 seconds (from 20 seconds).
  • Avatars of the same kind can’t be summoned at the same time by different players.
  • Reduced health regeneration for critters returning to their original spot after having reached their maximum leashing distance.


  • Fixed more instances where nameplates wouldn’t be visible to the player.


Separate TestLive Product on Steam

We heard your input regarding the inconvenience with having to switch back and forth between the main game and our TestLive servers. To make it easier for you and because we really value your testing and feedback, we added a separate product for the TestLive server on Steam.

If you own Conan Exiles on Steam, you should now see a separate Product called “Conan Exiles - Testlive Client” in your library which gives you the option to install an additional instance of the game specifically for the TestLive servers. Please be aware that this will prompt you for a full additional installation.

We are aware that not everyone wants install or has space for two full installations. For those of you who don’t want to play through the additional TestLive Client, you can still access the TestLive servers through our old method.




Loving the boss nerfs. Now soloing bosses is even more viable, and I’ll get consumed by the rhino’s girth a lot less now


Im so hype for gods. I’ve missed them so much. It’s time to clean up some official servers, boys!


@Ignasis Good to see you listening to the community.
Now if you could just fix the purge, that would be fantastic

Glad to see the adjustment related to PvE content. Has any progress been made on getting AI actors to not teleport when attacking (e.g. archers hopping down from rooftops, purges teleporting thru walls)?

  • When you fail to connect to Funcom Live Service, you can’t play or even change game settings.
    • Usage: Play Online, Singleplayer/CO-OP, Friend List or :eyes: Settings :eyes: - constantly results in displaying “Failed to Login!” and does nothing when you press OK.
    • Mods, Credits and Exit - works correctly.
    • If the Steam overlay is disabled: Barbarian Edition and Help - do not work at all.

I start the game directly through Steam because FuncomLauncher.exe file does not exist.
Note: Region EUROPE.

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I would like you guys to look into making the game have a dynamic difficulty. Lower level regions should be easier true but I shouldn’t be able to afk in Dafari hq just because my armor is good.

All armors should have a heat resistant and cold resistant schematics.

Additional attributes for Light and Medium armor

Official Seasonal Competitive servers would be interesting. Servers that wipe after every season.

“Help” does “work” in my case, it just opens the steam overlay and browser to some help site.

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Thanks @sono :+1: I have disabled the Steam overlay, when I turn it on Help and Barbarian Edition are working properly. I will edit the previous post. However, this does not fix the game, I still cannot test this update. :grimacing:

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Well, I also tried BattlEye on/off, Steam off- and online, removing FuncomLiveServices.uplugin. Nothing worked so far.

I also tested running directly from the executable, no joy.





Haven’t ever verified, but wine cellar final boss, the Wight spawning “attack”. Is that based on health left (like I believe the Warmaker boss’s growth feature is) or is it timed (like 1 minute or 2 minutes after spawn based?
Just wondering, because if the the health is lowered, and it is timed based, then the time between the wight summoning will need to be changed, or the Boss will be dead before it gets to even the first set of wight spawns.

I’m having the same issue as described by previous posts. I am unable to load into any game local or online. I tried launching from a shortcut on my desktop, through steam itself and through the multiple exe files located in the win64 folder. All result in the same error message “failed to log in”


Excellent! This shows that you are listening. Player progression post thrall Nerf won’t be terrible now.

Same here, can’t play TL, Failed to login error.

Thanks for the update FC! will be testing as soon as i can get to play :^)

I don’t know if this will be helpful, but if I remember correctly in the previous update the Failed to Login! error :smiling_imp: was also present, but only when I started the game via ConanSandboxEgs.exe. Now the error :imp: appears in any of the .exe files.

I regret not reporting it at the time. :disappointed_relieved: I thought that the “Egs” file was a curiosity :poop: and not a problem.

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Maybe the game won’t let anyone in because the bosses saw thier new health, and are like


Now Funcom does not only have to PvE and PvP players but to the Mob, too. :rofl: