PC Hotfix (18.10.2018)


Hey everyone! It’s time for another PC hotfix!

This update will take care of some pets and thrall issues that needed addressing. These changes will make it to PS4 and Xbox at a later date.


  • Fixed an issue with pets decaying in animal pens
  • Fixed an issue with food disappearing from Pet and Thrall inventories upon first server restart
  • Fixed an issue with Thralls and Pets reacting to players receiving environmental damage
  • Fixed an issue with items in the inventory of an Archer Thrall disappearing when Thrall started shooting
  • Thrall icons are no longer placeholders
  • Fixed an issue with players being able to teleport items from one container to another across any distance

PC Hotfix (12.10.2018)
Weekly Community Newsletter: Time to Carve Some Pumpkins!

Hi, thanks for the patch.

Is there any news on the problem with mods affecting the new food system?


They are not responsible for fashion. If there are problems with mods, you need to contact the creator of the mod. Wait for updates, for example.


It is not a problem with a specific mod, but with all mod compiled with the new dev kit. If you activate any mods, 1 or many, doesn’t matter. Pets and Thrall stop eating and starve to death. There is a complete thread about it in the forum and Tascha is aware of the issue.


Sweet!! Thank you… I’d be fighting in front of my base while my thralls looked onward in apathy, while if i stubbed my toe jumping off a foundation i’d get walled in!!



Nice to see a Hotfix. Would be better to have known it would come.
But when are you planing to look into the Issue that you cannot set a Hungertimer other than 240 Minutes? At least thats the Reason private Servers cant use the Huger System, which is an essential Part of the Pets System.

Have Nice Dice!


That not how dev kit works mod works. Even if the dev kit is outdated as long as they didnt touch funcom blueprint it wont affect it.


This hotfix actually killed my game, firstly something became corrupted, had to do an integrity check and re-download some file, now the game hard crashes my PC as soon as it starts searching for servers and i have to hard reset my PC to do anything again,quite frustrating


Thanks for quick fix. :grinning:



i was hoping you guys will fix the hunger system ( timers are reset with each restart) , i mean it goes in the best insterest of the game to get rid of the abandoned thralls. (should help with performance) … any word on that ?



Still seeing bags in the Thrall pot. Also when i mouse over (not something i can screenshot it seems) i get a small empty window near the mouse cursor.


And server performance still not fixed


I agree, it’s worse than ever. After installing this update, with never having had any mods installed, our server took over 20 minutes to boot up and appear online. Then, after logging in, we are still getting huge freezes when trying to access any item which has an inventory.

Thankfully, this game has become so unappealing that I’m actually prefering to do my work over playing. So sad.


Definately something is going downhill in server performance. I’m in the same spot, have time and would love to play, but it’s just… not enjoyable any more, even rp is interrupted and gets lousy.


i notice no changes with this patch and how it was yesterday

the culprit here looks to be the event log… maybe it would be wise to disable it, until the problems and fixes are in place…

funcom said there were optimizations coming next week (testlive?)


I believe there are optimizations coming into testlive next week though I have recently opened a thread where people can post ideas and suggestions as to what could be causing lower performance and how do they think it can be improved so the Developers can use it to improve performance.


Did you fix? Im getting this " 17:39:45: Starting BattlEye Service…

17:39:50: Launching game…
17:40:14: Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don’t cause problems with the game.
17:40:14: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: “D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\PhysX\Win64\VS2015\PhysX3_x64.dll”. "


You know, I think everything happens for a reason, i had acummulated work, so while the game is in garbage state, I’m doing extra work in the meantime lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


hi @Blyker, do you know what happens if you try these?

  1. to pick up a thrall that is using the Thrall Pot, and to put it back down. (if it lets you after picking up their items - or to at least try Moving it and repositioning it on the floor)

  2. to try picking up the thrall pot and putting it back down… maybe it will refresh the info area with icons on the right?

(if you play solo locally, try a backup of your savegames just to play safe before trying this just in case) :slight_smile:


The DLC localization seems to be fixed now, too. Thanks! :slight_smile: