Xbox - GPortal Private Server - Purge

Rented a GPortal Server for the Xbox.
There is only one clan on the server.

Set as a PvP server.

Our clan has pegged the Purge Meter (as far to the right to hit the third vertical line), but the purge has not started.

I left the all server settings as the default for the Purge except I restricted the purge time from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm since that is when most of the clan members can play.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Which setting did you use on gportal to restrict the purge time? I see 2 sets of purge time meters for both weekend and weekday. One says restriction the other just says start/stop. Confusing the hell out of me because I don’t understand why there is both. Why not just have a start and end time …and the rest of the time it’s just off. Using for the settings by the way…was told not to use in game settings.

I used the in-game server settings after making myself Admin.

Everything other in-game server setting works the way that it is configured. Such at PvP attack buildings time restriction.

I will have to check the in-game server settings again to see if I misunderstood how they are configured.

I tried the link you posted, but was not able to check it. I do not see any server settings on the GPortal website to allows configuring the Purge or any other game setting for PvP.

What is the difference between the following?



My current setting can be found here. I did go into through GPortal website, took the server offline and set up the missing times, but I am still not sure if this is correct and will work as currently configured.

We are having same trouble as you…full meter…no purge. So frustrating.

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