Purge restriction times not working as expected

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: North America (West Coast)

I have a private server configured exactly like the official PvE servers, including restricted purge times (which is handy for me because of normal work schedules anyway). The times are set the same, 18:00 to 22:00 all days, and the the logs show the correct, current timestamp for events so I know that I and the server are in the same timezone.

All well and good, except a purge just started (and confirmed in the logs) at 17:31, a half hour before purges were supposed to begin.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Confirm that you are in the same timezone as the server
  2. Configure to restrict purges to 18:00 to 22:00
  3. Fill up purge bar
  4. Login to the server at 17:28, get a notification that you’re getting a purge at 17:31
  5. Surprised, sprint across the map to find the Sobek Cultists wrecking crew going nuts

So looking a bit into this, it seems like there are two sets of server settings. RestrictPurgeTime toggles purge time restriction off and on. Then there’s:


And there’s also this:


I had the first group set to time values, but the second set were all zero. That may have been the problem? But it’s not clear why there’s two complete set of configuration settings that appear to be complete duplicates of one another. And which takes priority over the other?

As a developer myself; (Not for this game or company!) I agree it may seem redundant, but it may have a reason buried a bit deeper in the hard coding of thee game that needs that to be declared again, perhaps in a differently named way. I haven’t ever seen behind the engine of this game, I don’t play on pc, and well I’ve been playin for 2 weeks. So I may be wrong, and if so I’m sure others with more experience hosting private servers in general may help you more.
Second; have you tried to set the time for your desired purge on that other command you saw to the exact same values?

This is on the XB with a G-Portal server, through their configuration form on their website (AFAIK they dont give console admins direct access to the server config files). In any case, I did end up setting both sets to identical values. We’ll see what happens with the next purge in a week or so.

Hello @Megaton238, could you please share your current purge related settings values for both the online configuration form and the in-game admin settings and let us know how it has behaved in the last purge?

i think your server is not in the same timezone as your.

i don’t know how to see server time, as it is realy important it should be display in server setting but no :stuck_out_tongue:

According to G-Portal, and the timestamp in the logfiles, I am in the same timezone as the server.

I had purge enabled (level 6), and it’s setup exactly as it is on the official PvE servers.


However, these values were set to 0:


I changed them to match the other set, so now they’re:


The next time a purge happens, I’ll let you know if that ends up fixing it. Just as a side note, if you look at the settings in the game, it did show purge restriction enabled and the correct times. So whatever you’re pulling into the in-game settings, you’re showing the values of the first set (e.g.: PurgeRestrictionWeekdayStart) but the server may actually be using the values from the second set of config variables (e.g: PurgeTimeWeekdayStart).

Thank you, we’ll also be registering this matter for the developers to look into.

It’s possible that the issue could linger in some sort of timezone mismatch, even if they are reporting the same values, as the options that are not linked to the in-game settings ( PurgeTime ) should have no effect, but please let us know of your findings.

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