Purge Meter Resetting Daily

Anyone else having issues with purge meter resetting everyday? I am on Official PVE 1505 and my purge meter moves extremely slow (crafting T3, harvesting, fighting, etc.) The next time I login, the meter is totally reset. This has been going on for a couple weeks. I asked others on the server and no one is having this issue. We have been on this server since EA/launch. Any ideas?

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I am kinda-sorta having the same thing, in the sense that I can’t play regularly enough to grow the Purge meter anywhere near the threshold before inevitably losing any progress by being offline a day or two.

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Its not a purge meter but a meter purge! :wink:


Funcom added a purge meter decrease when players are offline multiple days. This was to try and get purges to activate on current active clans instead of triggering on inactive clans in the server database which had full purge meters but no buildings left on the server to target.

I think they have made this decrease too steep as you only need to be offline for 48 hours and the progress is massively decreased.
For example if you have increased the meter by 5% through a few hours play … log off for two days … come back and that progress is wiped.

Purge meter should start decaying after 7 days of not logging on.

Otherwise add a manual method to flushing the purge meter like sacrificing a thrall.

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@Halcyon I used to think it WAS static but I really paid no mind to it. I guess I kinda forgot about it at this point. I do agree a sacrifice would be cool and helpful to speeding up the process, or changing speed in general.

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Yeah, like choosing the attacking faction, by sacrificing a member thrall/ animal of said faction.

Or flushing a purge meter by making a material tribute.

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me it’s the other way around. i had a purge 72 hours ago and its almost at the first purge bar.

inactive or not its not rare to see a purge being dragged to another base

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