Can't keep it up. (Purge meter)


I can’t keep it up anymore. I think i’m getting too old :wink:

As a solo player in a clan, who plays (more) casually (these days), i often feel a bit envious of larger active clans who get several purges a week and capture all the legendary good stuff.

I wish there was a way to manually trigger purges for us less energetic folk, because I like how I don’t have to worry about purges everyday.

I’d like to experience purges when i’m ready for them, without having a proper hard grind for 2 days as a prerequisite.

I like the rate at which the purge meter sinks. Don’t get me wrong. This let’s me play for longer without dooming my evening to purge commitment.

But I do want to experience the purge when the time is right.


I have the same issue… and no I do not need any blue pills.
I play on average about 4 hours a day… purge meter is still sliding downward.

Same here. Since I have little to do ingame, I just want to have some purge to test my defence and improve it, but I cant get one and building only for purge is kinda boring.

Yeah I can definitely confirm this one. Unless I divorce my wife (no, Funcom, that’s not going to happen!), there’s no way I’m ever getting a Purge on official servers.

To be clear: Rate it goes up is okay, rate the meter goes down when you’re not online is way high.

While they are at it they can get rid of the official server purge times. Those restrictions plus the bar going down fast mean i have never seen a purge. A way to trigger a purge manually would be great, assassinate a mini boss to make that faction come after you or something.

And no, playing unofficial for these changes is not an option, had too many bad experiences on them.

Sorry kids they turned this into a party MMO.

We are two, same boat

I think spending zeals to trigger a purge would be the most diegetic solution. This would render purge times obsolete at the speed at which the timers reduce for small group players.

Nothing screams “Hello! Purge me. We got phats…” like shooting a beam of light into the sky.

Y’all should come play on my server. We’ve been getting purges once every hour or two.

Mine doesn’t seem to go down which I don’t want purge at this time

And then have it happen when you’re not there.

We did the 2 day grind and logged off.
Couldn’t log back on at the start of purge time due to non Hyborean responsibilities. Got purged as soon as we were eligible in purge time. What a waste. Haven’t actually seen a purge in 6 months.
I’ve said it before, if they just change the server settings to 1 clan member online and run the purge 24 hrs a day, people would actually get to experience this mythical event.

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I think part of the issue is that the server settings about number of people online is NOT linked to clans at all but to the presence of any player on the server…so they’d have to work on rebuilding the code to add the variable of individual or clan online into the checklist of who is eligible to be purged due to purge meter.

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