Siptah patch, unpopular opinion

Normally, I dread patch notes; I want the game I paid for and fell in love with, and don’t care for developers who meddle with the meta.


This time I’ve got to admit I like ALL of the changes from the Siptah patch. I still prefer the Exiled Lands map overall, but the changes to the healing system, the rhinos and the new building sets are all fantastic.

Most people who like the changes won’t be talking about it on the forums, so I just wanted to add my voice so that the devs are aware that some people are enjoying the changes and don’t want anything reverted! :slight_smile:


yes and you paid good money for it, what about the rest of the mechanics? the real deal of the DLC the grind, the progression, the reward, the loot tables, the RNG, the balance, the new map with a bit more restricted building options you like it too?

That’s not the point. The actual Siptah content is still in Early Access and subject to change (and has a whol new forum section dedicated to feedback for that). The OP here was commenting on the changes and additions made to the core system.

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I agree! Theres actually been a pretty positive response from players for the new healing systems and the rest of Siptah. The forums don’t look like that though of course, because Happy people don’t typically go on forums. But if you ask on the servers, most if not all these changes are very well received. I’ve heard an especially amount of praise for the lack of named thralls, on the new Thrall system on Siptah since it actually creates a economy since named thralls are actually worth something now.

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