Bunch of small ideas

  1. Remove the normal artisan stuff from the DLC artisan tables. If I wanted to make those, I would just make a normal artisan table.

  2. Have some NPCs spawn with warpaints on them. The warpaints could still wear off over time to keep it consistent. Having functional ones could buff them to make fights more varied.

  3. Freeze the grid coordinate reference. So that when I scroll around the map, I can see what letter and number I’m looking at.

  4. Might be interesting to let station thralls be able to repair the station they are attached to. If you place the material needed to repair the station they are on, it will passively heal itself as the station thrall fixes their station.
    (Maybe make it a toggleable state, so that if you don’t want them consuming those resources, you can toggle it on/off)

  5. Some kind of server-wide event. Like maybe a 1/day or 1/week rare boss spawn or event. That sends an alert to all players. In-game lore reason could be the bracelet informing the players that something is up. It’d send the notification to the discord webhooks also.
    (This works for singleplayer too, treat the singleplayer as a single player in a private server. Where the event only happens when the player/server is on.)

  6. Some form of interaction with the weather, like maybe the tannery dries faster when its warmer out. Maybe the wells fill faster when it rains. Or something that allows collection of rainwater. It gives a bit more variation to choosing where to build a base.

  7. Different AI presets for thralls/pets. Some examples off the top of my head:
    Passive: where they don’t attack at all just follow, cause when I bring a gazelle/camel pet with me, I typically don’t want them to attack, I workaround this by using a bow/arrow but then they run in front of me and block me arrows. A passive mode would have them run away from combat or stick to me and not engage what I’m fighting.
    Defensive: Attack the latest enemy that attacked me. So it would keep changing if I keep attacking different targets.This would help when I want the thrall/pet to attack a specific enemy and not fixate on one that I don’t want it to.
    Pick-Off: would be the default behaviour. Pick-off would be to kill off what I first attacked. This should be the same as the current behaviour in-game, so that people who don’t want to fiddle with this micro-managing mechanic don’t have to.

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I like the idea of the follower AI allowing different approaches to combat. I would personally like my followers to deal with weaker or ranged enemies first so I can focus on the stronger ones.

1. Remove the normal artisan stuff

Pls no. I like being able to have one table instead of two if I’m only interested in ‘standard + Khitan’ or ‘standard + Aquilonian.’ If anything, just give us three buttons to quickly toggle between ‘Standard,’ ‘DLC,’ or ‘Both.’

2. Have some NPCs spawn with warpaints

I love this idea. Would like it restricted to ‘regional + generic,’ so that regional warpaints aren’t showing up in the wrong regions, but there are generic warpaints in the pool so there is still some variety (instead of region-specific and all the same).

6. Some form of interaction with the weather … something that allows collection of rainwater

Uhh, YES, PLEASE! Can I also add ‘plants grow faster and more bountiful’ as well? I’m sure people will complain regardless but I would love to see some FUNCTIONALITY to the constant rainfall. I enjoy the rain as-is and would love it even more so if there were a benefit to building in areas where it’s frequently wet.

Great post!!

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This sums up my sentiment perfectly. I’d rather not have to waste space in my crafting hall by having 3 different benches for the same thing. Additionally, while I may have sufficient crafters now, it would have been annoying for a great long while having to swap a single thrall between so many benches.


An alternative idea to 7. A thought I had, maybe instead of being able to set the AI. Another layer of AI variation would be temperament. It’s a non-visible value until you make them a pet/thrall, then you can see the pet/thrall’s temperament in their inventory UI. Temperament cannot be changed unless maybe through potions.

So a thrall could have a passive temperament, would rather run and hide from danger or just not engage in combat. So like deers and camels normally would be passive temperament, though maybe a rare few could have a different temperament.

Or a human thrall could have a defensive temperament, fiercely attacking the last thing that hit whoever the master that its following. Or just attack anything nearby it when its set to guarding.

Agreed, I think the most elegant solution to the Artisan tables would be a filter between normal and DLC contents. I do agree with the OP that scrolling through lots of vanilla stuff to find that one item you wanted to craft can get annoying.

More filters for inventory and crafting stations would be welcome. People have different ways to sort things in their heads, so having the option to choose the way that fits your way to organize things would be a nice little quality-of-life addition to the game.


I like the temperament potion idea for pets, with each animal type having whatever temperament they have in the wild by default. To change Thrall behaviour I think it should be tied to the weapons you give them

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