9 Misc. Suggestions

I have a few suggestions for Thralls/NPCs/Gods/misc:

1.) I play on a Role-playing server. It would be awesome if Thralls could be given player constructed dialogue. Owner could create a few dialogue options for any thrall they place, for other players to interact with. This would be great for setting up vendors or quests.

  1. Thrall/Pet cap =. Why not make this a server setting, so folks can do as they prefer(aka no cap vs a number chosen by server administrator)? Some folks like the idea of a cap and some folks don’t, so let please make it a server option.

3). The Four Winds:. “My God is stronger. He is the everlasting sky. Your God lives underneath him.”. Subtai CtB
Please add the Four Winds as a God option.

4). Custom Coat of arms and use of Dyes for Wooden Target(ad some other shields), banners, flags, and CLAN TABARDS PLEASE!!!

  1. Bench Thralls should be able to defend their bench and should be able to equip weapons and armor.

6.)Performer Thralls should be able to play harp/drums ect…either make dancers double as bench Thralls or make musical instruments something performers can equip

7.). I hope when mounts happen, we can choose saddles, protective/decorative barding ect

8.). Better Tents please. A pavilion style tent for traveling would be awesome. This tent could double as a shelter/bedroll

9.). Magic using Thralls would be nice way to add a little magic to the game

i would like that on console, the rest is all prolly already out in mods on pc.

Won’t happen. Jhebal Sagg was the last god added to the game. It was an official statement by the devs.

  1. They are already going to do that. Everyone who is not playing on an Official server can do as their admin sees fit.
  2. That would be cool.
  3. Ditto.
  4. Absolutely not. Our number of thralls will already be limited enough without having to supply AI to valuable T4 crafters that I want to keep as far from combat as possible.
  5. Yes, in fact I just made a whole post about this: Decorative Dummy Thralls for City Life
  6. Me too
  7. Agreed. Every now and then it’s cool to try living as a nomad, but that doesn’t play too nicely with the decay timer.
  8. You mean to reskin some archers as shooting magic missiles, or priests summoning undead warriors out of the ground?

Crom laughs at your Four Winds! :wink: No in all seriousness though, I am not certain if the Four Winds god was originally a Robert E Howard god, or an original concept for the movie. Someone more knowledgable on Conan lore than myself may be able to field this one. But thats not to say it would rule it out entirely. Funcom has said that everything is fair game lore wise, books, comics, movies, etc. As someone who loves this games religion sytem I would love to see at least one more religion implemented before development is ultimately ceased. And I would also like to see Crom given an overhaul and a role fitting his importance in the Conan world.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow:


7.). I also hope that the next DLCs in addition to coming armor for the characters will be included armor for the horses, I would really get excited about that and I think at this point of the game the DLCs need more and more elaborate new items to continue. getting excited, let’s agree that you’ve had absurdly more of the same.

I even for some time suggested to funcom to deploy the “Heroes” system with those “larger” slaves who are the “sub boss” ones who drop legendary repairs, they could only use these legendary armor and weapons and these would also be added to the DLCs. being one more option the same coming light, medium, heavy armor and (legendary for hero you could not wear or put on other slaves were not the heroes since they are bigger and the armor would be and these armor would only have aesthetic effect so as not to make the game pay for a win) and of course as DLC’s 5th mount armor option, I would really be very attracted to buying this.

I sure as soon as I bought the DLC would soon put the 3 types of armor (common) light, medium and heavy on my slaves, hero armor on a hero and horse armor on a horse and would have in my base 1 heroes with each armor 1 horse with each armor, because this is how our heads are thrown into PVE, we do not buy the armor for ourselves but for our slaves! and animals, I don’t know in PVP because I never played!

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