A few suggestions from a PVE players perspective

I don’t know if we can still submit proposals like this, but if so, I would be very happy if someone from the dev team look at my post.

Can we get more elaborate (hard to craft) trophies, serving as the clan status indicator. Bosses could drop special ingredients, that must be combined with rare resources. This will increase the importance of end-game hunting even more. Animal skins, tusks, skulls with gold and silver rings would be great (hunter stations?).

Please think about pushing back the green wall on the coastline. A lot of us want to own an Island, the barrier obelisks can be sunken underwater behind them.

Assigning “cosmetic” emotes to thralls would be great. Placing them on chairs, simulating discussion and gesticulation, praying near the altars etc.

Your old idea, giving thralls musical instruments, was amazing, is there still plan to do different kinds of artisan thralls?

Thank You for making a great game in my favourite fantasy setting.

One more, important thing, a cosmetic pedestal / tome, in which we can place and read pages of lore found on the map!

Edit 2:
Ok, last thing, display racks for all those beautiful armors we can craft. :slight_smile:


I hope they expand the thrall system to allow more sandboxing,I would like to create a community,have more named NPC’s and build kinda like fallout 4 settlements minus Preston

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