PLEASE allow for skinny/less muscular males

I personally don’t want to play a fat and/or ugly person, in ANY game. It’s not attractive IRL and it’s not attractive here. If I have to look at my character, for any length of time, I don’t want to be disgusted, unless that’s the point of the game. And that’s not the point of Conan. The only situation for fat people in Conan would be actual slave drivers or politicians, who ate like kings and did no work. Skinny people would be the result of undernourishment in a world of complete physical labor and combat.


Mario says “Its a me!”


Exactly how I do it… I’ve only played female in this game, and the one thing that’d make me try something different (hence also come back to the game, since I’m on an extended hiatus from it right now) would be if i could actually make a regular looking guy, musclewise, rather than an absolute bloody beefcake of a man.

I would really really like my character to look like a short fat dwarf like all the books and movies we have seen. More diversity would be fun.

Yea would be cool to have different body types. I would also like to play a fat dude. :smiley:

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An excellent suggestion in my opinion. Older/younger, muscled/leaner character generation (male and female) options are excellent ideas if practical. Even if FunCom just made the generation sliders wider, it would make a real difference. I have read all of the Conan books. The vast majority of characters are not muscled up ‘Conans’ .
(I am sure that the very hard-working developers have plenty free time on their hands… lol)

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Definetely a really good idea.
But not only for males, also women could have less muscular body types.
The addition of scars for example should be a nice setting too.
More hair styles and the possibility of having younger and older characters.

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What about the boobies when they big cos they look like breasts implants, boobies aren’t round and stick outwards they sort of U shaped and downwards. Currently the big ones look like bazookas.

Maybe add a slight chunky belly rather a six pac.


This is a big part of why I don’t play male characters in a lot of video games. I’m not a “hulky” type, and I have zero interest in being one. It seems like the only time I really play a male character is when I’m in a Japanese game, because they tend to not go overboard with masculinity.

Making your character anything but muscular and fit doesn’t work in the Conan universe in a world where everyone young and old has to fight every day for their very survival being scrawny means you can’t fight to defend yourself being fat means you can’t run away from predators that are going to eat you being muscular is just the way it has to be otherwise you die that’s just the only way that makes sense in a world like this

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If your a successful ruler of any army of thralls, and live in your own castle, it makes sense you are also fed well enough to be a bit overweight. Were not talkin morbid here. Just some variation. Also weapons are the great equilizer, sword and brain beats beast, your constitution is second to your skill and experience.

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If you were ruler of thralls Who You enslaved and you start getting fat and lazy they’re going to revolt and kill you because there’s no longer need to fear you and obviously if you are getting fat you’re not training with your weapon anymore which means your reflexes have been slowed and your combat ability has been impaired by your flabby muscles which means any time you go out in into the world anything that wasn’t really a threat before is now because you can no longer use your weapon effectively so you have to be in decent shape in order to survive in a world like it doesn’t matter how smart you are if you can’t use your weapon for fight efficiently

Let me remind you this is a game. Players are supposed to have fun, and enjoy their time.

One way to appeal to a multitude of people is to give people OPTIONS, because not everyone likes the same thing. More options results in more players. More players results in more money. More money results in more re-investment int he project.

Options are good.

Still it’s Conan a barbaric Society I just feel that having people that are scrawny or fat running around would break the immersion of the game a bit too much but that’s just my opinion

Conan had all body types. You had curvacious Women who he preferred. Fat slavers. Piggish tyrant kings. Thin nimble men with less height and tiny daggers.

Pict women were depicted as thing ans fragile with a lioness spirit.

The Sygians were in there upper chaste overweight and decadent.

The cultural aspect has been removed. But Conan features many body types for men and women.

I agree that NPCs should have more variety in everything, not only to be fatter and slimmer, more beautiful and ugly, not a factory of equal mannequins, but all NPCs and not just the ones we create, if the system created NPCs really different with great variety would be much more exciting browsing the game and discover every time different NPCs, even if very ugly, better than knowing a head 3 3 5 kinds is boring.

Heh Heh…you said tiny daggers :slight_smile:

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I Honestly don’t want to steal your idea. But i would love to see a detailed list of the kind of increased customization you would like to see. I’m trying to compile a list of all the requests people are making before January 31 rolls around so they are easy to find. That way when the Devs look at the forms there is a big list of everything the community wants to see added!

Theres the link ^^ If you don’t feel up to adding it here let me know and ill work on thinking up a detailed character customization change list and put it in there myself.

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