Body Types in the World of Conan

I noticed that the body types in Conan are not really diverse. A person doesn’t see either a thin, feminine-looking man or a large, strong Amazonian woman in the stories. I would like to see more body types in future Conan games, especially in Exiled Lands sequels, if any.


Here’s a link to a picture of a woman with large muscular arms, which I don’t see on Conan, at least not much. The picture is at

There’s a slider in character creation for how much muscles you want your character to have. Sliding it at the right end gives a body close the picture.

The female avatars in Conan Exiles may have a muscular physique but their bodies remain slender.

Indeed. It’s doable, but it’s a lot of work. We still see long hair clipping through some armors, and bindings passing through our bodies while dragging an unconscious NPC, so there’s still work to do with the body types we have now.

Also, I suspect you don’t get to Muriane Nicolas’s build with the food available in the Hyborian Age. Not with a woman’s genes, that is.

One thing that could be done is to leave purge thralls the same size as you find them after you tame them.

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Correct, as in: you don’t really see it in the stories either.

Even when you move the muscle slider to zero on the guys, they still look like they are in an Oreo in the crack frat race. :running_man:

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