Character models versatility please

So, I’ve been playing Conan for a while (i think somewhere over 750 hours last time I checked)
And i’ve seen this topic discussed in 2018, but i would like to try and rekindle it.
So, basically what I’m trying to say, is we need some more options when it comes to character creation and customization. We have GigaChad framed male models which look perfectly when it comes to heawy mallet or axe swinging, but as for agile style it looks just ridiculous.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if there would be some kind of option, that can allow us to toggle character from skinny to chunky to hulk?
Same kinda goes for both, male and female characters.
Some people would love to play skinny agile rogue or sorcerer, some would like to play as Danny DaVito, some would probably like to still play bodybuilder type.


Agreed, triangle man is, while an excellent default considering the source material, somewhat limiting.

No playing a character like Taurus of Nemedia for any of us.

There may be some issues with implementation of how worn clothing/armour works.

Also, given the very specific backstory of how people are chosen for transport to the Exiled Lands, the lack of diversity makes a bit of sense. Just as there are no children nor old and inform, everyone getting the bracelet was chosen as a physically capable specimen for Toth Amon. Slavers are notoriously picky about features that may be superficial.

Good idea, but there may be some hiccups to implementation.


Taurus of Nemedia, the Prince of Thieves, is an excellent example that you do not have to be the pinnacle of physical “perfection”, whatever that may be, to be an extremely successful person in the Hyborian world. He was exceptionally nimble and stealthy in spite of the fact that he was, frankly, kind of fat. Yet even Conan was amazed at the way he moved.


I’ve been asking for a Danny DaVito bod since 2008 Age of Conan :smiley:


I mean, that’s why some are heroes, and some are regular exiles
Person can be a great specimen, but not as a Space marine cosplay, but rather some sort of a trickster.

Also, we can create an old person with all those grey hair, half-bold head and wrinkles, but that old person will still be Jack-the-Jacked


That is why this one made certain to note the superficial part of slavers only choose body builders for Toth Amon.

Or perhaps Toth Amon has even more sinister designs and very particular tastes…

Magnus ver Magnusson was the world’s strongest man for some time, he does not have a “bodybuilder” physique. Dan The Beast Severn was an unarmed combatant of significant renown, also, not svelte (also inspiration for the best Mayor in Vidya history).
These people would have been passed over by those combing for current stock.
While this one understands the barbarian aesthetic, and is glad that lady models get to have a little bit of muscle as well, it could use at least a couple more sliders, perhaps fewer for the face which we rarely see, more for the body that we do.

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More sliders would always be a good thing. I am sure @Zeb would agree as well. :wink:


To be honest, sometimes funcom does some strange decisions instead of actually useful things.
Yes, they finally added sorcery and optimized building system, but they never fixed an ancient bug with NPC’s nocliping out of the real after getting knocked uncouncious
Thralls still go into menacing staring contest with NPC’s when told to attack
Added character transfer and then disabled it, cuz of another bug
But we’ve got battlepass and ingame shop with cosmetics, while there’s ton of servers with cosmetic mods!
Although, the illusion system is neat, and i think the most logical thing after allowing players to transmog, is to improving the character customization system.
We could use some more hairstyles, face types and especially, some new body types

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Me and my mates always playing females, cause male models (square and gorilla like) didnt fit with the classes (rogue, assassin, cultist, sorcerer and etc)


More body types or better body sliders has been at the top of my wishlist since I started playing Conan a couple years ago.

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Same thing here! I play only female characters, because they feel more agile

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