What would you like to see added to the game? (Encore!)

A Build-your-own Dungeon DLC. It can be above ground. I am thinking traps, triggers, fight “boxes” (where NPCs or Pets will fight player without being removed from game themselves,) and treasure chest that will fill with random items.

The siege weapons that were discussed a good time passing. Something even single-players can enjoy.

Separate boss scaling slider for Solo/Co-op players and private servers.

Domestic placeables that will make your home base/camp look more like a place being used. (The assets from the NPC camps would be a good start. Food racks, single anvil, a spider pot that will sit over the fire, tableware (okay with me if it comes as a single item), garden items that can be planted and harvested outside the boxes, placeable/non-harvest-able plants…

A floating platform for crossing water (some pets won’t do it others get lost or hung up at the bottom.) Think elevator style but instead of the elevator there is a floating platform that won’t allow pets to fall through. (Ferry style)

Replay / new player content: More choices in T1 and T2 structures, low level tent (like the green one in game,) stone weapons that have a regen bonus (for that difficult transition between stone and iron…) When I player chooses to reroll, there could be an incentive or added options without giving them an in-game advantage.

A dungeon respawn map so one does not have to rerun the entire dungeon if defeated in the boss chamber. (It can be a part of the dungeon where a player can choose to be respawned at that point rather than to their bed.)


wish we could die the tents and banners!!!


Better thralls control when they are following. Something like:

  • Option 1: Don’t attack, whatever happens
  • Option 2: Don’t attack, unless YOU are attacked
  • Option 3: Attack everything that attack one of us or I attack
  • Option 4: Attack everything that moves

And make possible to command the thrall with no need to select him or to be beside of him while following the player. He is already following, he is alread selected. One button “give following thrall an order”, and then wheel of options…

KEEP the current mechanic for those who like the way it works. And add a new option to those who prefer the new method.


I will be honest, there is quite a few of them. So forgive me for being a little bit greedy with my list.

  • an AI rework
  • the elusive Settlement System
  • Menu improvements for consoles
  • customisable Hair & Beard styles
  • Armor Display Manequinns/Racks
  • The Mummy of the Ring (yes, its time…)
  • more in-game Merchants and an improved Trading System
  • Fruit Trees please
  • more Admin Options/Settings (eg-meteor trigger, boss HP slider, follower XP slider, legacy roll)
  • a Chest of Drawers & a Bookcase
  • more variety in Fur/Pelt Rugs
  • ability to change Crafting station thralls clothing
  • Musician Thralls

Phew, I think that is all of them. If I can think of any pertinent others I will update this list in time. Actually…there is one last one which is so important it must be a standalone…


:fleur_de_lis: A potion to change Thrall bust size. Since it’s okay for males and horses to “show”. Feels unequal.

:fleur_de_lis:The ability to reset Thrall Perks but not percentages with a potion.

:fleur_de_lis: For it to be standard that all building pieces have directional indicators for placement.

:fleur_de_lis: For Mask of the Witch Queen to be made available on Official Servers as an wearable item.

:fleur_de_lis: For Armor Stands, 100 slot Preservation Boxes, and Min Valuts 100-150 slots to be added.

:fleur_de_lis: A way to modify your hair/makeup :lipstick::kiss: after Character Creation.


Please…some more features for mighty Crom!! Even if you sell them as a DLC, that way the many of us who want them can have them, and those who dont need not buy them.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


1.) As said multiple times above … a vanity mirror for changing hairstyles and such, great if we could do that for thralls as well.

2.) AI fix for the thralls.

3.) A way of being able to set up a settlement (city, town, or village) without blowing out the thrall cap. Perhaps a neutral thrall that is treated like an armorer/cook/ tanner that can do a preset emote or movement and not fight.

4.) Some way for an admin to see the number of thralls in a clan and how close to max the clan is in thralls.

5.) Mounts are awesome. More styles please.

6.) A way of being able to vote on a really good mod to be added to the game permanently.

7.) While I’m asking for the impossible…
How bout some of the secondary characters from conan’s world…
Red Sonya? Ghita of Alizzar? The characters from Fire and Ice?

Oh… and for Funcom to keep up the great efforts they’ve been doing and to keep the good stuff coming.


Trading would be great. Create a structure where we can put itens or groups of itens and set a price (no real money, but itens of the game). Players can navigate throught those itens and buy whatever they want.


What SORCERY is this? /sorry, cant resist :wink: /

I would like to see the empty spots on world map to be filled with DLCs.

And… one day… be it you, dear devs, or community modders, I would like CE to become the AoC 2.0 (you are already porting a lot of stuff, so keep goin).

Thats it. Thanks for all your work!

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  1. E_WeaponComboType to be converted into a DataTable (Hey, Alex said he wanted feedback…)

( I realize that hope number 1 will only make sense to mod authors, but whatever. )

  1. Follower AI Improvements

  2. The Overlap Building anti-exploit mechanic to be toggable, or at least exposed in a blueprint for modders (me) to manipulate (turn off).


If I could pick ONE quality of life option it would be to add a second hotbar. Plenty of other games do this and its amazing! Please consider giving us the option to load up and scroll to a second hotbar. With all of the different weapons, tools, pots, food, bandages, etc, it would be GREAT to be able to switch based on our situation.


Where to start… I’ll keep most of them simple I guess.

Thou… 1st one.

  • New Map. New start zone, new map. Think of this as a “hardcore” Map.

Not as big as CE main map, but Cold nights, Hot days. Enemies and blue eyes all over. No large zone for resources of any type. Hodge Podges of them.
Throw player in there, and wish them good luck. Gives it its own journey steps. Snow storms, Sand Storms, Thunder storms.

  • Big New map. I’ve seen ever corner at this point… A new map or Conan Exiles II is pretty much needed for me. I get this would be a “if you havnt started this by now, its not happening in next 3-5 years” things.
    Which is why I suggest small new maps that push players to use what they learned.

  • Large Foundations, Think Trebuchet Base, but would allow snap points for walls, and angle peices. So we can make Huts.


  • Open up some of NPC building Pieces, Hiers of North of some nice Brick/Wood mini hutts and Heirs and Northmen have those really nice Hutts. (thou there likely pain in buns to place like Animals Pens.

  • Still waiting on new Hiar styles…

  • Googles… yep. simple pair of googles. Nothing crazy… Don’t cover up head with tarp or something. Dont have to do anything skill wise. Be fun/cool looking.

  • Custom thralls. (aka workbench thralls) At best…let me change outfits via a new worktable.
    I’m not a fan of the Aporn and turban they wear. At all…

  • Pets and Horses are neat… I want a Custom thrall. If only limited to one.

  • Text Chat (consoles) Its basiclly to late at this point… I’ll toss it back on table. I’m mute…so its only way I can chat with people, and one of major reason I dont go online that often. (ps4 chat menus, and length of time it takes type in user names and send a chat request…doesnt count, nor is it viable)

  • Dancer Outfit Pack. (dlc idea, just tossing it out there again) Make outfit for each(almost) race… and
    Mixture of clothes/light armors. They don’t have to be “Oh ****! I need close door for some alone time!!!” But it sells?

  • Finish Journal Steps. Mummy of Set could really be finished one of these days?

  • Place-able trees, Not every type… just 1 or 2 of each main one.

  • Inventory Mangement Tab (inside menus, to deselect and select which items (craftable) show up in my inventory crafting page. So I can declutter it.

I got about 20-25more… and i’ll just stop typing before its largest wall of text this forum has ever seen.


Option 5: Lava hot, don’t go through it.
Option 6: Cliff is high, don’t walk off it.



New map with settlement and sorcery.


I’d like to see a weekly poll added to the forum.

Or at the very least a dislike button so I can say no to Topics without participating in discussions I find silly.

As for the game I would be happy if you guys found a way to desperate statistics in pve from PvP. I know this is asking a lot but most divides in the community stem from this issue. But like I said i’ll settle for a dislike button.

Oh and i’d throw our brothers in pvc a bone by reducing the decay timer for low tier building materials. At least make trolls pay for tier 3 building mats if they plan on walling someone out of an area or stealing land.

The one thing that I would love to see added to the game (aside from bug fixes) is a pause feature for offline single player. I have asked for this previously on a previous post regarding an update and wasn’t responded to by the developers. I am so sick of either having to find a safe-ish place to go to in a dungeon or log out any time I have to do something in offline single player mode. Nor do I want to have to build small structures around the map to go to if I have to step out for a bit. To put it bluntly, if I’m playing offline single player mode, I don’t want it to be a whole complicated process every time I have to go to the bathroom. If I have to go to the bathroom, I just want it to be as simple as pausing the game, walking to the bathroom, going to the bathroom, walking back to my room, unpausing the game, and going back to playing the game. No offense Funcom, but you have NO valid reason to not have a pause feature implemented for offline single player, causing the members of the PC community to make a mod for that to be added, while console players like myself have to deal with not being able to pause the game in offline single player mode. You can’t tell me that not having a pause feature for offline single player mode makes any sense, nor have you given any reason for it. I love the game, but please add a pause feature for offline single player mode.

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The gore & dismemberment on/reduced/off switch that has been promised many times since before launch, but never actually actioned.


I would like to see a use for trebuchets outside of strictly PvP - something like, I dunno, walls or some form of defenses around settlements (towers that make getting in/out a pain, gates that stay shut).

I’m not suggesting that they be made using the same pieces we have access to, that’d be a nightmare for server performance obviously. But take advantage of that destructibility tech and have largely static sections with bits that can be broken away or whatever. It would definitely be quite a hefty workload for your environment artists, but I think something like that would be a real benefit to the game.

Barring that - I’d like to see more stabs taken at the proposed city-life systems mentioned from early access. I’d love to have to make functional buildings for more than just housing my workbenches. Thralls are people too after all and while it starts edging close to the borders of tedium I’d love to have barracks I make for them be more than just set dressing.


Bug FIXES. This forum, Steam forums and Reddit have many reported bugs. Fix them.

AI Rework for NPCs, Thralls, Pets and mounts. More control over these by the player. Basically, Defend, Attack, Stand guard, really I mean it Stand right effin here and don’t dare move…

Mounts not counted as a thrall.

Able to load thrall captures across the rump of the horse or at least can drag thrall from horse back. Tho I would prefer putting the thrall on the horse.

A way to keep anyone else from using one’s horse.

Whistle to call horse that is set to not attack if within a certain range of player character.

Sandbeast Mounts. This way I would not mind if my mount wanted to fight.

UI Rework. Give a way to sort recipes by type or group and not see any other recipes in list. Tabs if need be.

Another toolbar would be nice.

Fix or remove the temperature system in relation to buildings and armor.

Option to make hot or cold protection for a given armor.

Boats. Canoes or rafts. Hell even a log and a paddle. Something…

New map areas to explore.

Gliders. I know it ain’t Conan. But just imagine it…

That’s it for now…


Like the thinking you have here.

The black keep should have doors you have to blow open. Nothing crazy, just a few bombs and you are in. coding wise just make it a spawn object like rocks etc. After destruction, 30 minutes it re-spawns. And have different door ways with rewards/mini boss fights that require using a treb, god etc to get in.