Conan is a Pirate too. Where's naval combat?

I’ve been reading the old Dark Horse Conan Comics. Conan is a raider, a thief, and a pirate. Why is there no naval combat? There could be a DLC map expansion with naval combat similar to AC Black Flag or AC Odyssey? We could build our ships and upgrade them. Anybody interested in this?


Yep. There’s already lore they could use. I would welcome Conan the Age of Piracy!

Honestly, don’t think funcom can do it. From what I have been told the game is pretty close to it’s limit. To add very limited piracy; because they can’t make the map bigger, you’d have to give something else up.

Now I personally would love to see pirate raiders added for all those water bases.
And with the new raider treasures you have to carry, we need rowboats. Because you know what the servers are going to be like with everyone building sandstone bridges all over the map.

If it was a different map like the Isle of Siptah maybe. Seriously. Underwater exploration, underwater civilizations, underwater base building, building island fortresses, sea monsters, thrall patrol boats, storms at sea, there’s so much potential. The main reason I play is for survival and building gameplay. The combat in this game is always twitchy, but I was replaying AC Black Flag and thinking what if this was a Conan game. That would be amazing.

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