Seafaring expansion : sea monsters, ship building and treasure islands


My humble suggestion for consideration of future game content expansion that fits to the existing sets and maps might be ship building, including galleys of the cultures, and sea battle, sea monsters and perhaps small hidden treasure islands and stormy weathers. This is a very general thought which can be specified to fit Conan hopefully. I hope it’s one potential future feature to enrich the existing world meaningful and keep the game design consistent as well as the feeling of the environment.



This would make for a great addition. And would fit well with Conan lore as both the original Lemuria and Atlantis were cast into the ocean. As well in several of Howards books Conan traveled by sea. And in the early comics there was a cross-over where Conan teamed up with the legendary Captain Sinbad, from the 1001 Arabian Nights comics.

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Funcom said it was basically a no as not enough water or the time and resources would be to much which I agree not enough water

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