Water Spiders in the Conan world

I recall from years ago seeing spiders in RL that walk on water.

Why do we not have these in game? Are gaint water spiders not a thing in the Conan Canon?

Giant spiders are a bit too… giant. Less buoyant than their smaller counterparts.

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How about physical fish and sea life? Sharks and such existed in Conan lore.

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Physical fish exist, but are not implemented.

Siptah has megalodons, but they are low detail and have no collision and you will likely drown before ever getting close to them.

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Maybe for the next update after Age of War… maybe a conan Age of Sail with ships (players can build ships that can move like a mobile base, shipwright thralls, sailing thralls [ie sailors and pirates], pilot thrall, travel between the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah, swimming given to some enemies like crocodiles, and new sea life like a Megalodon that destroys ships approaching Siptah (since all the start zones are from a shipwreck).


Ah yes, my absolute favorite suggestion of all time.

Ships, for the two maps where:

  1. 99% of the map is landlocked and the rivers beyond noob river and the swamp are too shallow to sail, in additon to the only coastal location having a green wall that kills you if you try to cross it.
  2. Every hour a massive shipwrecking storm blows though, as seen by the coastline being absolutely littered in wrecks, and the intro to the map is literally being shipwrecked by said storm.

Surely boats will be a huge contribution to both maps, I love only being able to use an entire new mechanic on 1% of the surface area of one map, with the other map periodically destroying it entirely.


Personally, I have close to zero interest in boats, however, I will take up the position of advocate for them.

Exiled Lands
Den said in a stream that he’d always been told the Exiled Lands could not be expanded because of the dungeons physically existing outside the current borders, but when he inspected the map, he found that wasn’t completely true and there was still space available out there that could safely be expanded into.

I am not sure of the exact positions of each of the dungeons, but I think the space just north of the jungle is open for a ways before it reaches the Well of Skelos. I believe south of the jungle contains the Palace of the Witch Queen, so that might be more limiting.

The rivers could be deepened and the shoreline extended up around the north side of the jungle. Water access there could connect the east highlands and/or tundra to the jungle by boat.

Isle of Siptah
Obviously plenty of water here, with the Maelstrom being the issue. But honestly, I’d consider it more of a feature than an problem that the storm would periodically interfere with boat use.

When the storm starts to pick up, you have a short while to take down your sails and drop anchor before it starts taking damage and sinks.

The barely-implemented megalodons could prevent small boats from trying to sail away when the tower is calm.

New Map
I’m probably even less interested in a new map than boats, but a map of numerous scattered islands that relied heavily on boats would be interesting (Sea of Thieves, Zelda: Wind Waker).

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Nice hyperbole. I got a good laugh out of it. :rofl:


You can go from the dregs to pirate bay through fairly deep water, give or take. That’s more than enough space for navigation. Just add aquatic creatures that attack your boat and I’m sold.


Spiders that walk on water?

How delightfully horrific.
Unfortunately, spiders in this game have yet to master climbing.
First we get Zath’s precious little dears to learn to climb, then we can get them to walk on water.

That said, this one does not think the programming for the water includes surface tension sufficient to use as a platform. But that is speculation.

In short, a grand idea that may be a severe challenge in implementation.

This one would also like Crocs to be able to enter the water and attack while swimming. Water is far too safe in this game.


I understand that you have observed spiders in real life that are capable of walking on water. You are wondering why such spiders are not present in the game you mentioned, and if giant water spiders exist in the Conan Canon.

When it comes to game design, developers often make decisions based on various factors such as gameplay mechanics, visual aesthetics, and adherence to the established lore or canon of the game world. While real-life phenomena can inspire elements within games, not every real-world feature or creature may be included due to technical constraints, design choices, or thematic considerations.

As for the presence of giant water spiders in the Conan Canon, it would be best to consult the official sources related to the Conan universe, such as books, comics, or statements from the creators themselves. They would have the authority to provide accurate information on whether giant water spiders exist within the established lore.

I don’t remember giant spiders or giant scorpions in any Conan stories by Howard I’ve read. But it isn’t because I can’t remember them that they don’t exist in the Conan lore introduced by other authors than Howard.

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The arachnophobia people would thank you to not suggest such horrifying ideas.

I say what the arachnophobia people really need is exposure therapy. We need more spiders. A Zath temple in every base, a spider pet following every player, a Globe of Yezud on every hotbar, more webby placeables, and sure, why not, a spider floating on every body of water.


This one’s Zathite avatar is always named Lucas.
The game already has jumping spiders, but they could use better jumps.

The Dock area you know where you enter the sunken city.

Don’t forget the Marvel Comics and the artists like Bell, Frazzetta, & Valejio.

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The comics aren’t canon.

I included them in “other authors”. But I read the Conan comics by Marvel that were translated and published in French by Les Editions Lug in the late 70’ and early 80’. I remember the beautiful drawing in b&w but still no giant spiders. And for me Frazetta is more noticeable by the very lightly dressed girl lying at the feet of Conan than anything else. I was going through puberty when i discovered his drawing. :smile:

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And the cartoon!

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