Sailable Ships for the ocean

There’s likely to be some coding involved i’m sure and we’re still waiting for sorcery but it seems like a useful mechanic as well as opening up a while new aspect to Conan, I know the ocean isn’t quite that large… yet, but think about boarding and exchanging orbs and arrows, just throwing some things out there.


in order to move our character from EL to Siptah (or vice versa), we should have to build a ship and sail to it.

that would be awesome

honestly, I think it be better to start small and make something like rafts or canoes to go up and down rivers first, a large boat could easily get stuck in said rivers and both the exiled lands and siptah don’t seem to have any reason to invest in a large boat to just sail the edge of the ocean or circle the island respectively, however i could see large boats being worth it if there was something like shipwrecks out far from siptah on the edge of the map, or caves, just, a reason to need to sail out that far

Or, you know, get sucked into a tentacle filled interdimensional portal and deposited buck naked on the beach. I hear the Yamatai have many legends about this travel method.

Well, given the sighting of a few Megalodons swimming around in the deep ocean, its possible that Funcom is up to something more with the water. Whether that’s sailing or something else, I don’t know.


I saw that. We are going to need a bigger boat…


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