Rafts in conan exiles

Would it be possible to add a raft that we can craft to the game?

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I would imagine this is possible, its probably just a question of overall utility vs the work on the animations and stuff. Probably what would sell it as an idea was some kind of function that included the raft as a key element.

I’d like to see rafts and boats in the game. But the Exiled Lands map definitely doesn’t support the effort. Siptah is a bit better, but not really as the more established a player is, the more they move away from water on that map.

A map would need to be made for this purpose and with the reception of Siptah and the fact it would divide the playerbase into more parts make this more and more of a fantasy.

At least for the unmodded game. For mods you have some really excellent options:

I’m on a PS5, but thanks, if they could come up with something like that an put it in the marketplace I’d buy it in a heartbeat

I will always be opposed to this idea.

Where would you even use them? What’s the point of having boats when there isn’t a justifiable amount of traversable water to use them in?

The Isle of Siptah is ravaged by constant storms, and the shores are littered with shipwrecks. Being able to freely sail around would be lore-breaking; and sailing only when it’s not storming would be such a specific and pointless feature just not worth bothering with.

The Exiled Lands has a generous 5% of the map they would even work on. The streams that link the north and south are incredibly shallow, and littered with waterfalls. The lake up north is one of the coldest spots in the entire game, and half of it is iced up. Most people would just go around it to avoid the freezing to death. There’s literally a large bridge that takes you right across, making the need to sail redundant.

Noob river would be the only place boats would be viable to successfully sail without dying in some form. That’s it; one strip that runs along the starter zone and flows into the jungle. There is already so many other alternatives, choices that are infinitely more versatile and convenient.

It’s a pointless feature and unless we get some third map that’s got way more water, one that would never be used after the first five minutes of trying it.


I don’t feel strongly enough to say I’m opposed to it.

But yeah, I absolutely do not see the point of them spending any development resources to add this into the game.

Well it needs to be faster than swimming and have potential space for transport.

Otherwise, why?

I mean max expertise i can carry everything and then swim anywhere i want to go with ZERO fear of anything in the water.

I believe i timed one time and it was one hour of real time to lap Siptah?

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