A pirate game just like this

I know this is waaaayyyy off topic, but I figured I’d throw it out to the devs.

I love this game it’s totally amazing! And there are almost no good pirate games out there. What if there where a game where you build bases like in conan, build ships and stuff and had naval combat. Basically Assassin’s Creed black flag meets Conan Exiles.

I mean, Conan was a pirate after all…

Don’t tell them that or they will stop improving exiles to work on that!

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all they gotta do is get mount working on sea and allow cannon placement and bam you instant got naval warfare. oh and a Large open Water map would do us some good as well.

It sounds like baddas dlc idea,
So Funcom shut up and take my money xD


Only not sure how u can get out without removing bracelet, or when u remove it… gg
Maybe let u enchant it to work in ruins, use teleport but u be able to leave?

building own ship is my dream, while i cant find any game Wich let me do it…

Also idk how u get port, i know in jungle is two but to desert u cant get cus height of water so there be need add coasal provincie, Long, if u dont want be next to 20 other guys with ships waiting to rect u

Also not sure About Under deck, cus water physics, deck than need be higher than sea level

But It didntn change anything on that i would like to see that in game as regular dlc, cant get evrything free

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As a DLC, or even a sequel! Im with you on the fact that I’d definitely give my money for it! Once you escape the exiled lands now you have to follow razma and Conan in Shems direction leading to a vast open seas with temples and towns to plunder and explore. All the while collecting thralls as crewmen and having your clanmates aboard, or running their own ships!

Just a thought…

I don’t think it should be a seperate game. But a DLC in terms of cosmetics, even with maybe working rowboats would be really cool. I don’t see it coming but I agree it would be amazing.

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