Next big update: Age of Piracy?

Forgive me if this is the wrong category, I haven’t posted on the forums in a few years :slight_smile:
Anyways, I know we’re in the middle of the Age of War (I think the new purge system and siege mechanics will be awesome, btw), and I’m just daydreaming here, but I got to thinking about what comes next.
I’ve been playing some Valheim recently and I think some sailing mechanics would fit right into Conan Exiles; start with a small raft, level it up to a giant warship, destroy your enemies on the high seas. I’m talking cannons, boarding enemy vessels, basically AC4: Black Flag reborn lol.
And I know there’s not a lot of room for sailing, at least in the Exiled Lands, so maybe a new map or expand the existing ones to include an ocean/sea?Give the Black Hand or perhaps the Zingarans/Argosseans a more prominent role for the lore? Piracy is a huge part of the Conan stories.
This probably sounds far-fetched and maybe even ridiculous, but like I said, I’m just daydreaming :wink:
Thanks and let me know your thoughts!


Even if sailing was practical (which it is not), I’d rather have the Age of Gods next. Religion has needed a major overhaul for years now.


I definitely agree that religion needs an update. The game could use a few more choices as well, such as Bel (God of Thieves) or even the major Khitan deity called Yun (Sun God).
Do you think sailing could be done as a sort of minor update instead of a whole new age? Kind of like they how they did with mounts? Except that there would definitely need to be a new ocean-like worldspace for this to work at all. Maybe open up the area east of the islands across from Xel-Ha? I’m just rambling now :sweat_smile:

Some of the Exiled Lands could be converted into sea. You would be limited on how far you could go because of the dungeon interiors located outside the current ghost wall, but they aren’t so restrictive that no expansion at all is possible.

I think this area could safely be made into sea without encroaching too close to any dungeon interiors:

I believe the Palace of the Witch Queen interior is to the south, so that might be less feasible, but I think the area north of the jungle would be possible.

I think that a reason for the water to exist aside from so you have space to sail in would need to exist, and having water access between the jungle and highlands would be pretty nice.


I first read the thread title as “Age of Privacy”. As my job keeps me neck-deep in European data protection regulations, this is probably an understandable mistake.

But I agree, piracy is a major theme in Howard’s Conan stories, and I’d love to see that explored further. After all, there is a major infestation of Stygian warships on the local seas, especially around the Isle of Siptah.

Unfortunately I don’t see it happening on the maps we have now. Expanding the Exiled Lands map would probably explode the physics engine, and locking that sort of content to a paid DLC map would upset many people.

Realistically, I think we might see sailing and ship-building in Conan Exiles 2 if Funcom ever gets to making that. But I’d love to be proven wrong on this one.


Age of Gods (religion)
Age of … Civilization ? (farming/economy)

Age of Archers finally be good for defense … (I hoped it would come in AoW, but it would probably take an age of its own considering how crappy they are right now … lot of work to do with them !)

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I am for a age of cimmerian they not got any real attanion and they are conans blood

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I think that age of piracy needs small islands scattered around the map. The map physically must be bigger to give enough distance between the islands.
There should be some islands that will not allow building and they’ll be filled with rare resources and dungeons . We should be able to swim, but not without the danger to be attacked from creatures that’s faster at least. Swimming must come with a price. If you wish to swim across you have to fight in the water for it, if you’re “less” you are dead and it’s really difficult to obtain your inventory as well. So either fix a sale, either loose everything. I cannot think how this will work in pvp, but in pve people should become very careful how they build and how many resources must leave in their island to preserve their facility. Mounts will be totally useless and late game only will allow teleportation to some of the islands, especially the ones with rare resources and dungeons.
For purge sea creatures must exist that will destroy easily everything thats build in water and under water walking creatures must exit to destroy the rest. The final hit of purge must come with a tsunami that’s carrying multiple sea creatures and have a true battle.
For thralls you must go sailing and save npcs from underwater creature hunting. If you manage to jump in the waters and save it, it’s yours. Then again for crafters, missions must exist in each dungeon so you’ll gain your crafters without rng.
In order to take skin in the beginning of the game, like i said, you have to be very careful how to build not to destroy your spawns.
Last but not least, oysters must provide pearls with rng of course, that you can trade in the central island market for everything you need the most.
Yes in the central island you must have a market that sells a lot materials for building evolution and not mead and feast only. Your dancers must be only mercenaries and you’ll be able to choose their looks. The greatest the level the greatest the price.
I can expand for hours in this idea, speaking about underwater spear fishing etc…
But one thing is certain, to enjoy piracy you need sails and sea, that you cannot drink water from it. The sea must be risky and punishing. The capacity of the players must equalize the number of islands.

Not possible. The map’s physical size is already at its limit.

They would have to make an entirely new map for such a thing, and making a new map for an Age that doesn’t get applied to the current maps just isn’t something I think they would do.


This. It’s already a main feature of the game that needs serious reworking. Top tier religious weapons should superseed even legendaries, IMO, but with a catch. You had to keep your god pleased.
Maybe we could assign followers to pray at a temple to boost effects, etc.
I’m sure a lot of people have ideas. It’s a much requested theme and a core part of the game.

Age of Gods and then Age of Comerce, with a settlement system, trading and such. Those are my favorites.


If I am honest, I would rather see a 3 month period that focused on nothing other than the various bugs and technical issues present in the current build of the game.

Sure, give us a Battle Pass, and Bazaar for The Third Age, but don’t add anything new until you have a better handle on current issues.


Age of Fixing, @Rollotomozi ! :laughing:


I never spoke for exile lands or Siptah either! Of course it has to be another map. Ages are more or less maintenance until something great arrives.
Ages are not enough for players to keep playing. A new map is.

Next age: Age of This Isn’t Working Out So We’re Changing the Release Cadence.


This is reality in a dreaming topic, lol. Of course 99.9999% of the player base would ask for this, no doubt about it :man_shrugging:. But i believe we won’t see something like it until the old gen consoles go out of the project. Old gen consoles both provide more costumers and enough excuse.
I cannot say that when only 2 consoles existed in the game we didn’t had bugs, but they were not so many.
Yet, i will ask the op to excuse this post!

If we look at the current Age of War, it is shaping up to be an age of piracy, just on land.
It’s entirely about seizing and hoarding wealth.
It’s an age of land piracy, or plunder if you prefer.

This one cringes at implications of an upcoming Age of Faith, or really any other Age of this one would find engaging. Age of War has failed to deliver. Even what it does deliver on is not warlike, it’s just banditry and money bins. That’s not war. Especially when there was so much low hanging fruit that could have been chosen.
This may improve, but not so much from what little this one has seen on Test servers.

This one currently strives to consider an Age this one would be ambivalent about, so that when it is either mislabeled or dubiously executed, this one is not disappointed.


The game can’t handle war. War means scalling up. Armies instead of small parties. This is the Age of Raids.
Age of War was just a catchy name, @LostBrythunian . :slightly_smiling_face:

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This one disagrees.
Age of Sorcery has sorcery, in a limited capacity.

All the tools to have an age of War are either already present or would be less burdensome than a stamina, gear, loot, and economy rework.

War is between two nations, states, or meaningful factions.
Who is at war and what is the Exile’s role in it?

In Age of Sorcery, the Exile’s role was not necessarily Sorcerer, but the story did lead the Exile into collusion with Mek Amoses, and as his catspaw in a contest between him and Kurak.

Age of War, of course, should have improvements to siege and fortifications. We are getting half of that.
It should also have Factions. Plural contenders.
Fortunately the game already has a Half Dozen Factions.

Just as the Exile was thrown in with Mek in the previous Age, one could pick an allegiance in this Age.

Or just add 2 new factions, we are already getting the Stygian Army, why not also deploy the already existent but almost never used Army of Aquilon.
Each could get a camp. Choose a side, that flavours your purges as the enemy comes after you.
Gain supplies and allies by turning in items looted from the opposing faction.

Instead of ambushes, have battles spawn. NPCa already aggro on each other at times.
Include mixed Stygian and Aquilonian encounters in the rando spawns.

Easy fix to make it feel like there is actually a conflict going on.

Could have even tracked on official servers which faction got chewed up the worst, and when the age ended, that faction went into full retreat while the other faction got to keep one of it’s bases as a permanent place, much like Mek’s spire has some of it’s upgrades

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But we’re having none of that, @LostBrythunian . We’re having raids. That’s my point. War would need a not of moving npcs, big battles, etc. Certain crash, fps drops, huge lag, etc. So we have raids, the closest alternative.

Or rather, we’re getting a more modern concept of war where small units fight for strategic objectives, rather than massive lines of dudes in pitched battles. (I would say that removing the other party’s financial ability to wage war counts as a strategic objective.)

Not that I’d really want to see sieges that last for months in what is supposed to be a fast-paced action game.

Skyrim did the same; you were just part of a small unit that assaulted a small enemy camp and killed everyone (except the enemy leader, who was unkillable because he was labeled as a “quest character”), rather than large-scale engagements. In the Witcher games there was an illusion of large wars because most of the battlefield wasn’t accessible to the player; it was just background noise, and the player was, once again, just “raiding” (to kill a king, or whatever it was about).

When playing as a single dude, full-scale wars just aren’t very interesting to play. You need smaller-scale objectives that feel like they’re part of a war. I’ve already “role-played” on my Siptah Single-Player game by attacking some of the Stygian ships floating around the place, “to stop them from establishing a beachhead”.

But from another perspective, “war” is a political state of affairs. In order to wage war, you need two (or more) sides who agree that there’s a war between them. So against whom are the Stygians waging war? Me? Why me? If the only reason is “because I have money” that’s less war and more, well, raiding, as you said. So from a philosophical perspective, what we have isn’t war. I’m just a random person with a beach house, a boat, and some money, not a hostile nation.

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