Pair Exile and Siptah Servers

So… How about pairing each Exiled Server with a Siptah server and allowing eligible players to transfer freely between them using boats like World or Warcraft transports from Eastern Kingdoms to Kalimdor?

Lore wise it wouldn’t really make much sense to be able to sail out of a prison that instantly kills anyone who tries to leave, nor sail in and out of an island known for powerful storms that destroy nearly every ship that goes near it

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Make completing the story on one of the areas a requirement to unlock the transfer option.


I had originally pictured a new map would require the removal of the bracelet (finish the quest to be free). That way you could move to the next map. Granted… getting ship wreck ends your freedom that you thought you may have.

It would be nice touch for finishing the storyline of Exiled Lands.


Make the travel from Exiled Lands to Isle of Siptah work by crafting the Keystone and removing the bracelet. Then have a cutscene where you catch a ship to wherever you’re trying to go and you just happen to sail by the Isle of Siptah and get shipwrecked by a storm.

Add some kind of quest to the Isle of Siptah, similar to the Keystone quest in Exiled Lands which takes you through some kind of a portal inside the Tower, to help you escape the isle, or maybe with the goal of seeking out the Shining Trapezohedron. The portal takes you to the Exiled Lands.

That said, pairing the servers would require Funcom to have the exact same number of servers for Exiled Lands and for Siptah. I’m not sure that’s feasible.

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Technically, I think they chose not to pair servers initially because of limitations of both the game, and server hardware to run it.

Story wise, I think the only possible way to do this without disrupting continuity for everyone would be if they had a way for you to use surges as portals. Some way to call one down, get sucked up and transported. It’s a long shot, but we already know in the scope of the lore that surges can transport people from the exiled lands into the isle of siptah, an opposite transition would be within the realm of possibility


A surge recipe at the tower itself that sucks you up and into the EL.

NM…Jimbo beat me to the punch

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I would like to be able to travel between maps :frowning:

I have a simple question. If we continue the game after the keystone feature, how we will be able to die by removing the bracelet? Remove the bracelet is a pretty handy option in many occasions and many players are using it, even to go unstack from your horse :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, so?

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